CSS3 For Dummies

CSS3 For Dummies

John Paul Mueller

Language: English

Pages: 313

ISBN: 1118441427

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Get the most out of the new features in CSS3

Cascading Style Sheets (CSS3) boasts many new features that designers love. Things like better mobility, cleaner code, less maintenance, and basic interactivity without JavaScript are just a few. Get thoroughly up to speed on CSS3 with CSS3 For Dummies. Whether you're a web developer or designer with a lot or very little experience in HTML and CSS, or just want assistance applying it to multiple browser and mobile apps, this book delivers. Explore in depth how CSS3 effects and transforms work and how to use them for animation and interactivity.

• Explains CSS3 in detail for web developers and designers who may or may not know HTML, CSS, or tools like Dreamweaver
• Instructs how to define and apply CSS3 effects and transforms that work in multiple browsers
• Covers how to animate CSS3 effects and transforms with CSS and basic JavaScript
• Provides detailed information and helpful examples, in the friendly, non-intimidating, For Dummies style

Start putting the great new features of CSS3 to work on your next project with CSS3 For Dummies.

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Sections" (www.stubbornella.org/content/2011/09/06/style-headings-using-html5-sections/). It does pay, at least, to know about these tags so you can start preparing your site to use them. Creating Special Effects You can create so many special effects by using CSS that it would require a book or two to list them all. The following paragraphs discuss two of the more interesting special effects. You’ll find a considerable array of special effects in other examples in this book. Transforming

little nicer and includes a special effect now. Understanding jQuery UI Although jQuery is interesting, it lacks pizzazz. For the most part, you can't use it to create any sort of special visual effect (at least, aside from the sorts of visual effects you could use CSS to perform). The jQuery UI library (http://jqueryui.com), on the other hand, works with the user interface. You use it to add new kinds of interactions, expand the number of controls at your disposal, create special effects, and

precisely the same as those used with Modal Screen Overlays. The overall appearance of the drop shadow is defined by the shadow opacity, thickness, and offset from the shadowed element, as shown in Figure 10-9. You can also control the rounding of the shadow corners (when the feature is supported by the browser). Figure 10-9: Control the drop shadows’ characteristics to obtain special effects. After you modify all of the settings you want to change, you can save the page’s URL for later use.

determine whether a problem will distract the user, or cause some other definable problem that could result in reduced productivity, increased security breaches, or significant down time. How long should I modify? Once you determine that the problem must be fixed, you also need to consider how long to spend fixing it. Developers can experience problems with letting go of a problem after investing a significant amount of time in it. The goal of using a third-party library or generator is to save

Spinner widget works only with numbers. The following example takes a standard jQuery UI Spinner widget and transforms it to use letters instead of numbers. (You can find complete code for this example in the \Chapter 13\Spinner folder of the downloadable code as Spinner.HTML.) $(function() { var CurrentValue = 65; var ThisSpinner = $("#Spinner").spinner( { // Set the minimum to the code for A // and the maximum to the code for Z. min: 65, max: 90, // When the user starts to spin the

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