Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School)

Curse of the Evil Custard (Superhero School)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1408825252

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Welcome back to Mighty High--the school for superheroes.

When Dr Sinister hatches his latest plan to take over the world, and creates evil custard that turns children into deadly blob monsters, what better place to try it out than an unsuspecting school? Little does Dr Sinister realise that Mighty High is a school for superheroes--they are all acting ordinary to pass the school inspection!

Can Stan, Minnie, Miles and, of course, Pudding the Wonder Dog come up with an anti-custard-dote in time?

With fully integrated black and white illustrations throughout, this laugh-out-loud series is perfect for young readers.

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best thing – especially when faced by an angry three-headed monster or a teacher (or worse, an angry three-headed teacher). 5. ELASTICITY Legs of rubber, arms as bendy as a drinking straw – never challenge these guys to a game of basketball. 6. INVISIBILITY Useful for those tricky moments when you’ve broken the TV/window/toaster. 7. TELEKINETIC POWERS Use your mind power to make lifeless objects move. Warning: generally doesn’t work on older brothers. 8. MAGNETISM Amaze your friends when

like just another day at Mighty High … but that was about to change. Miss Marbles, the head teacher, walked by wearing a worried expression and two pairs of spectacles on her head. ‘Morning, miss,’ said Minnie brightly. Miss Marbles looked round, quickly stuffing a letter into her pocket. ‘Morning? I suppose it is,’ she said. ‘How are you, Molly?’ ‘Minnie,’ said Minnie. ‘Is everything OK?’ ‘Yes, of course,’ said Miss Marbles. ‘Absolutely splendid, tip-top, couldn’t be better. Well, I must

explained. ‘Oh, I shouldn’t worry,’ laughed the inspector. ‘It’s probably your knees; it’s very chilly down here. Now, we wanted to see the kitchens.’ Mrs Sponge led them inside. Dr Sinister looked around. The place was a health hazard. Tins of soup lay open on the worktop, green fungus grew on the ceiling and the cooker had more stains than a butcher’s apron. ‘How many staff do you have?’ he asked. ‘Well, counting me ... one,’ replied Mrs Sponge. ‘You’re here by yourself?’ said Dr

bright yellow custard had spilled out on to the table. They glowed and shimmered like radioactive matter. Minnie bent to sniff them. ‘I know the custard’s always bad but this looks weird!’ she said. Stan was glad he’d given it a miss, and looking round the hall, he wasn’t the only one. People had either left it on one side or were still eating their main course. Tank seemed to be the only one who’d eaten his dessert. ‘Maybe I ought to check on him,’ said Stan. He hurried to the boys’ toilets

the door. ‘Now where are we going?’ asked Miles, catching up. ‘To the kitchens, of course,’ replied Stan. ‘We’ve got to find out what’s going on.’ They hurried down to the kitchens. On top of the cooker, they found a saucepan sticky with custard, which had dripped down the sides. Stan wrinkled his nose. It gave off the same nasty smell as the stuff on the toilet walls. There was no sign of the two inspectors. Pudding padded around the kitchen, sniffing in corners, then trotted out. A moment

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