Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

Darius Bell and the Crystal Bees

Odo Hirsch

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 1742376835

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The bees on the Bell estate are dying. There'll be no more delicious honey, and without the bees to pollinate flowers, no more fruit and vegetables. No more of Mrs Simpson's glorious pies and cakes! Worse still, Mr Fisher the gardener will have to leave the estate, along with his family. Darius Bell is determined that something must be done, even if the dastardly Mayor is against him...Then Darius has a great idea. But he will need help from his friends and family to make it work. And he must drive a hard bargain with Mrs Lightman, the school principal and a dragon if ever there was one...A sequel to the award-winning Darius Bell and the Glitter Pool, this is a very funny story of problem-solving, teamwork and pollination...

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thinking. ‘Why didn’t you tell Papa at dinner?’ he demanded suddenly. ‘He didn’t ask.’ ‘You were scared to.’ ‘I wasn’t scared to! He didn’t ask.’ ‘Neither did I,’ said Cyrus. ‘And you’re telling me now, aren’t you?’ Darius didn’t reply to that. Cyrus was right, or at least partly right. Darius had felt a huge sense of relief when neither of his parents asked why Mrs Simpson had decided to leave the honey out of her recipe. Yet even as he felt it, he had known the relief was tempor- ary.

spend ten years getting it back.’ ‘And so you were going to let Mr Fisher go? You were going to let him leave?’ ‘We didn’t think he really would.’ ‘But he told you! I heard him! I was here!’ ‘People exaggerate when they’re angry,’ said Mr Deaver. ‘We thought he was exaggerating,’ said Mrs Deaver. ‘We didn’t imagine in a million years he’d actually do it.’ ‘We didn’t know he’d really have to leave. We thought he’d . . . manage. Anyway, he doesn’t have to go now, does he? It will be all

carpenter, and Mr Bullwright, the builder, Darius had had steps put in so people could get down to the cavern, and lights on the wall that made the crystals glint and sparkle in the darkness and showed off the roof in all its dazzling beauty. Mr Ostrovich had also built him a simple boat with a paddle, and Darius had explored the glitter pool and discovered that it ended about forty metres away, where the water ran out into a narrow gap, and that the water came in elsewhere via a vertical crevice

dress at him. Cyrus pushed him away. Darius pushed back. For a moment they fought, then Cyrus pushed Darius down and sat on him in his camel-coloured coat. ‘I never wore that dress, all right? Never!’ ‘If you say so.’ ‘Say it! I never wore that dress.’ Darius grinned. ‘You never wore that dress, Cyrus. Never ever ever.’ Cyrus looked at him suspiciously. Then he got up. He took the camel-coloured coat off and dropped it on top of Darius. ‘Come on. See what else you want. Hurry up.’ Darius

went with her. After a moment they stopped and looked back. Cyrus was still standing where they had left him, surrounded by the clothes that he had dropped. ‘Oh, come on, Cyrus!’ said Darius’s mother. ‘Grow up! You were little. You were perfectly happy with what you had.’ ‘I’m not happy now!’ ‘Do you want to dress up again?’ ‘No, but . . .’ ‘But what? You had everything you wanted. Coats, dresses. That red dress, you absolutely loved it!’ ‘I never . . . I didn’t . . .’ Micheline laughed.

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