Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial 2016

Dave Cameron and the Extraterrestrial 2016

Language: English

Pages: 178


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Full of surprises and a hilarious plot and begins in a forest one night when an extraterrestrial comes crashing down and the strange extraterrestrial entity manages to survive the impact and release of forces and alters its form to this world, as it creeps out into the dark world and forest, and it hides in one of the stupidest places before humans arrive.

The army arrives and investigates what crashed into the wood and newspapers report it and officials at NASA are brought in, and in the end admit a military weapon system shot it out of the sky on its appearance over the world.

Scientists explore everything they can and try to find what escaped from the crash!

Has moments of ingenuity and action, high comedy, and scary moments and accelerates on in a convincingly everyday setting that makes it work!

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the money, even though it quickly retuned to being in the same mood! Hanks swiftly decided to try to get his money back by betting them that they could not make the horse weep and Simpson and Fogler took the challenge and went up to the horse and started whispering to it, but it grunted and knocked Fogler over instead, and they returned to their seats and paid Hanks his money! Hanks eventually went over and tried to cheer the horse up by comforting it and reassuring it, and it just ignored him,

was connected to them and he considered if he was running away from them, which justified him being in the field and that he could have fallen and damaged his head. Desperate for answers he started jumping up and down again, and shouted over at the vehicle, and it increased its speed and he acknowledged its arrival and stopped, and as it drove up to him he stood looking at it bewildered, not realizing what to do next. When the army truck stopped he saw it was full of soldiers, who all stared at

know what to think of the crash, and if he believed it were aliens that were behind it! He was sure that they were covering up what had happened! Why had they told him anyhow? They all seemed to doubt what had happened in different degrees! He carefully read the accounts in two newspapers and was surprised that they claimed that they had the definite story and that a giant spy satellite had come crashing down into the wood, and might have been shot down by one of their advanced fighter planes by

in the bar their treatment of him, and he clutched a wall furiously to stop them, and they grew annoyed and his behavior and tried to pull away his hand and gripped and pulled at it and him and he refused to let go. They gripped his legs and dragged at him and were surprised that they could not get him to budge, while looking about making sure that nobody interrupted them, but he kept gripping and they furiously tugging at him, and he spotted the other policemen discussing whether they should

and it even took comfort in the moon’s existence with its slight familiarity and it resembling a stellar sight in its own universe, and it stopped to examine a life form, and a small black cat shifting towards it! It had never seen anything like it and it could not explain its existence and it struggled to explain how it functioned and its strangeness grasped its imagination, and it altered its formation to adapt to it and its new environment and it finally took a sample of its blood and

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