David Beckham: My Side - The Autobiography

David Beckham: My Side - The Autobiography

David Beckham, Tom Watt

Language: English

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ISBN: 000717182X

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David Beckham is one of the world's foremost media icons, his popularity transcending sport and cultural divides. This is his own in-depth account of his career to date, for Manchester United and England, and of his childhood, family and personal life. With endless newspaper column inches devoted to one of the most talked about men in the world, it seems that we know everything there is to know about David Beckham. Or do we? This is Beckham's fascinating life story in his own words. His complex relationship with United boss Alex Ferguson and how he handles the pressure of playing alongside some of the most volatile footballers of his generation. The England story, from being vilified by the nation before returning as the prodigal son and almost single-handedly guiding his country as captain to the 2002 World Cup Finals. One minute we are singing his praises; the next we are castigating him for losing control of his temper and being a poor role model. Where does the truth lie? Now from Beckham himself, we gain a vivid and at times searingly honest insight into the family man behind the famous footballer, the international model and fashion leader.He describes how he first met and then married ex-Spice girl Victoria Adams, and the upbringing of their two children Brooklyn and Romeo. How his family's every step is monitored by a possee of newshounds and paparazzi. Also, the influence of his parents, growing up as a shy youngster in the family home, and how their subsequent split affected him. This book is an intimate and soul-searching portrayal of a massive celebrity, a family man, and an awe-inspiring footballer -- the likes of which we are unlikely to see again.

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England fans.’ Those supporters were great. We knew they were as disappointed as we were but they stood in their seats, waiting for us and applauding us when we came in front of them. No bitterness, no threat towards us or anybody else; behind us to the end. They’d been like that throughout the tournament: the best fans in Japan. Maybe the Brazilians picked up on that spirit: their supporters were clapping us as well as their own team. They were celebrating Brazil going through but they gave the

but the people I cared most about, the England supporters in the stadium, were fantastic. ‘One David Beckham, there’s only one David Beckham.’ The reaction of those supporters means a lot to me. They were on my side then – whether they thought I’d had a good tournament or not – and I hope that they’ll be on my side over the next year and a half too while we’re trying to qualify for the next World Cup. They’re the best supporters in the world and I want to make sure they’ve got something to

schedule’s like but you can find me at Old Trafford every other Saturday.’ You hear stories about A-list celebrities who know how to arrange this sort of thing. Not me. I couldn’t exactly get My People to speak to Her People. I’m sure I wasn’t the only bloke in the world who was carrying a torch for ‘The One With The Bob’ at the time. It might have sounded crazy, but I was absolutely certain that meeting Posh Spice was something that simply had to happen, even though I didn’t have a clue as to

getting a red card for the first time as a United player. I went into a challenge for a high, bouncing ball just near the halfway line. I didn’t go into the tackle with any intention other than winning the ball, so when the ref said I was off I was shocked more than anything else. I’ve seen it on video since and I must admit that, on telly, it looked a bad challenge. I didn’t think it was, though, and I was relieved that the gaffer didn’t either. He was really angry after the game: not with me

fantastic. But I don’t want to be England captain just for one game. I want the job to keep. Once that was in my mind, I calmed down a bit. I didn’t run in and jump up and down on Gary’s bed. We had breakfast later and I just told him what had happened, almost matter-of-factly: ‘Oh, by the way Gaz. I’ve been made England captain. Pass the cornflakes.’ I must admit I’d always seen Gary as a skipper, either at United or with England. As it turned out, it happened to me first. He was as pleased

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