Dead Bishops Don't Lie

Dead Bishops Don't Lie

André K. Baby

Language: English

Pages: 316

ISBN: 0988087219

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Saas Fee ski resort, Switzerland, 7.00 am March 6, 2005 A group of skiers, anxious to get on the first cable car up the mountain, instead find themselves staring in horror at the half- naked body of a man, his outstretched arms tied to the cable. A plaque bearing an obscure message hangs from his neck. Later, the victim is identified as Monsignor Antoine Salvador, Archbishop of Lyon. The Swiss investigators, mystified by such a bizarre and gruesome crime, call Interpol for help. Thierry Dulac, a caustic inspector with an enviable track record, gets the nod. Dulac has barely begun his investigation when the assassins strike again: the body of Monsignor Alberto Conti, Archbishop of Milan, is found hanging from a pergola near Stresa, Italy. A similar plaque hangs from his neck. With little to go on but the plaques, Dulac turns to Karen Dawson, world-renowned mythologist, to help decipher their messages. Their search for the killers leads them from the hushed corridors of the Vatican and the quiet luxury of a British Marchioness’s chateau, to the dank prison cells of Moscow’s Lubyanka prison. Struggling through personal trauma, a web of Vatican intrigues and a cover-up attempt by the French government, Dulac discovers an astounding conspiracy fueled by dirty money, blackmail and deadly ambition. He’s just realized the enormity of what he’s discovered when a hit man strafes the windshield of his Renault.

The Wooden Shepherdess (Human Predicament Series, Book 2)

Rapture (Bel Dame Apocrypha, Book 3)

Historia del llanto

Roadkill (Cal and Niko Leandros, Book 5)

Second Front: The Allied Invasion of France, 1942-43 (An Alternative History)




















great-granddaughter, Sarah, had inherited both title and fortune. True to her great-grandfather’s liberal disposition, unfettered by social mores, she sported a long history of affairs with married nobility, unmarried gardeners and chauffeurs, and recently a divorced cousin, the Earl of Salisbury. She also had fought and won a personal battle with drugs, and publicly attributed her success to the discovery of her new faith, Pistis Sophia. Liberated from her Anglican guilt, she enjoyed publicizing

envious, waiting for an eventual faux pas to bring Fiore down from his ever-towering perch. He had found in Cardinal Volpe a willing mentor. Chapter 21 The news of Vasiliev’s capture had spread quickly within the network of agents, contractors, executors and apparatchiks of the Moscow mafia. Kurganski had learned of it the very same day. Kurganski knew the rules of the game but couldn’t believe he was already in it. For Victor not to return his three phone calls meant only one thing:

more rudders. Eastland can turn on itself.” He described an unscrewing circular motion with his right hand. “What are the other two levers?” asked Karen, reassured that her previous question had allowed the captain to explain the mysteries of his ship. “For the pumps.” Karen noticed the two small black labels reading “Pressure-Suction” under one of the levers. “Why ‘Suction’?” asked Karen. The captain took a deep breath, noticeably irritated: “To help flush the hoses.” He pointed out the

apprehensive. “I have received confessions for the assassinations of Archbishops Salvador and Conti.” “Mio Dio.” Legnano gasped and put a hand to his mouth, then crossed himself. The Pontiff cleared his throat, “Never, never did I think I would have to bear such a burden. You realize that I cannot continue this conversation.” “I understand.” “I ask you not to jump to conclusions.” “May I inquire if these persons received absolution?” “No, you may not. This is solely between the penitent

on your part might even help us catch them, yes?” “Yes, of course.” “Good. Now, get me a map of Saas Fee and we’ll allocate streets.” * * * By four p.m., Dulac and Lescop had finished questioning staff and clients from nearby hotels, restaurants and bars, and were driving back to Sion in Lescop’s rented Opel. Dulac reread his notes. “Rien. Nothing. And you?” “Afraid not.” An hour later, they arrived at the Sion police station. “I’ll see what the coroner has,” said Dulac as he exited

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