Dead Metaphor: Three Plays

Dead Metaphor: Three Plays

George F. Walker

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0889229287

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Canada’s top playwright sears the page with three new darkly comic plays that denounce political culture, individualism, and the accompanying moral depravity. The title play, Dead Metaphor, examines the collision of a politician’s personal and professional lives, complicated by a son’s return from Afghanistan. In The Ravine, a mayoral candidate learns that his ex-wife is living in a gully nearby and wants to put a hit on him. The Burden of Self-Awareness has money at the centre of a dramatic conflict of values. Each of the three plays is populated by characters trying to navigate the increasingly blurred lines of what’s right and wrong – trying to always stay informed, alert, and ready to act for the common good. Or just to get even.

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Every Seventh Wave (Love Virtually, Book 2)

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Volpone and Other Plays

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DEAN: Yeah . . . JENNY: And that you killed people. DEAN: Yeah. Like I was supposed to. I’m not ashamed of it, Jen. JENNY: I know. DEAN: I didn’t love it, and sometimes I hated it. But I’m not ashamed of it. JENNY: I know. DEAN: They had their roadside bombs. We had me. JENNY: I know! I know that. But it might have made those people interviewing you nervous. Scared even. DEAN: Scared. Of me. JENNY: Yeah. Or maybe they just didn’t wanna be around someone who’s killed people. Especially someone

help you out with that? CASSIE: That’s none of your business. MICHELE: You’re right. I just get so damn curious about some of the things that are transpiring these days. LESLEY: Aren’t you scared . . . being down here all on your own? MICHELE: It’s worth the sacrifice. LESLEY: I don’t get it. MICHELE: She does. CASSIE: (off L esley’s look) I think she might be planning to hold a press conference. 104The Ravine MICHELE: That’s just one of my many options. (reaching into her pocket) Would

lets drop one by one to the ground. MICHELE: (to herself ) Every leaf does not look the same. Struggle to grant everything its own identity. Find it in yourself to be a just and attentive overlord. But demand from yourself obedience to the laws of fairness. (hears something) And the solemn purpose of vengeance. OSCAR comes out of the brush. They just look at each other for a moment. MICHELE: So you’ve finally come. OSCAR: What? MICHELE: You’re here. OSCAR: Yeah . . . right. Is this where

if I found out who he was. LIANNE: Help you, you mean. MICHAEL: Yes. Well I assumed there was nothing much I could do to help him. I mean if he was dead. But I thought it might – LIANNE: Help you feel better. MICHAEL: Or feel anything. LIANNE: Right. So what did you learn about him? SCENE 2149 MICHAEL: Nothing. I mean he’s definitely dead. I confirmed that. But he didn’t have any identification on him, and no one has come forward to – Can you tell me some things about yourself. LIANNE: Why?

really hard. And walks out. JENNY: Leaving you with the briefcase? DEAN: Yeah. JENNY: So what did you do with it? DEAN: Gave it to Mitchell. You know, Helen’s campaign manager. JENNY: The guy you don’t like. DEAN: The guy I fucking hate. I hand him the briefcase and he says to me . . . “What the hell are you doing with this?!” Like I’d stolen it or something. Then he just leaves the room with it. JENNY: It was money, right? In the briefcase? DEAN: Maybe. I don’t know. JENNY: Whatya mean, you

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