Death of a Citizen (Matt Helm, Book 1)

Death of a Citizen (Matt Helm, Book 1)

Donald Hamilton

Language: English

Pages: 113

ISBN: 0449127982

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Book 1 of 27 in the series. 2013 retail epub of the novel which was first released in 1960. The series is being slowly released as first-time ebooks by Titan Books one at a time beginning in 2013. At the current rate book 27 will be out in ebook format in 2017.

* * *

Matt Helm, one-time special agent for the American government during the Second World War, has left behind his violent past to raise a family in Santa Fe, New Mexico. When a former colleague turns rogue and kidnaps his daughter, Helm is forced to return to his former life as a deadly and relentless assassin.

Originally released in the era of the James Bond novels, these novels have been out of print and unavailable for almost 20 years. They were considered grittier and more realistic than Bond, garnering them critical praise and an ardent audience.

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could get from a good stiff back and liberal use of the word “sir.” I’d already been in the Army long enough to know that they’d practically give the joint to anybody who could shoot, salute, and say “sir.” And anyway, when you’re six feet four, even if kind of skinny and bony, the word doesn’t sound humble, merely nice and respectful. “Yes, sir,” I said, “I wouldn’t mind learning why I’ve been assigned here, sir, if it’s time for me to know.” He said, “You’ve got a good record, Helm. Handy

going to come high.” “It would be convenient,” says General Two in a dreamy voice, after some discussion of this plan, “if something should happen to General von Schmidt during the attack, or maybe just a little before it. Might save the lives of some of our boys, if he wasn’t around to give the last-minute orders; besides keeping him from being back in business within the month.” Nobody looks at Mac. General One moves his mouth as if to get rid of a bad taste. He says, “You’re dreaming. Men

stood looking thoughtfully at the open bathroom door as if she hadn’t quite decided what should be done with what was inside. I put the purse and pistol into her hands, and laid the furs over her shoulders. I touched the little mark on her arm, and she glanced at me. “Does it still show?” “Very little,” I said, and she turned to look at me fully, and her eyes were remembering exactly how it had been. “We killed the pig, didn’t we?” she murmured. “We killed him good. And we killed the one who

thought I could pass it up. I’d just have to figure the immediate play without Tina, that was all. Then there was the problem of the girl before me and the man behind her—because somewhere in the background, I knew, there was a man, a very smart and dangerous man, thinking very clever thoughts. I’d underestimated him seriously once tonight, when I’d assumed he’d set a simple and obvious trap here. I couldn’t afford to make the same mistake again. He had something more complicated in mind. I

trying to murder Amos Darrel in Santa Fe, and that we’re supposed to be misleading the forces of international Communism in some vague and beautiful way by acting as sitting ducks here in San Antonio—” I broke off. Mary Frances Chatham had raised her head, and Mac was looking at me sharply. “Amos Darrel?” he said. “Dr. Amos Darrel? You were told he’s the target in Santa Fe?” “Why, yes,” I said. “Isn’t that right?” Mac didn’t answer my question. Instead, he said curtly, after a moment’s pause:

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