Dedication: The Work of William P. Ginther, Ecclesiastical Architect (Sacred Landmarks)

Dedication: The Work of William P. Ginther, Ecclesiastical Architect (Sacred Landmarks)

Anthony J. Valleriano

Language: English

Pages: 199

ISBN: 1606351036

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An illustrated compendium of a prolific designer of Ohio and Pennsylvania churches

Akron-based architect William P. Ginther (1858-1933) numerous Roman Catholic churches, primarily in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Dedication is the first book to document his architectural designs. By combining historical images with twenty-first-century photographs, author Anthony J. Valleriano presents the most comprehensive overview of Ginther's architectural career available today.
The son of German immigrants, Ginther demonstrated considerable drawing skills at an early age. In grade school, he was known for illustrating pictures of the school building and grounds. As his skills advanced, Ginther was encouraged to study architecture as a profession at Buchtel College (now the University of Akron). Frank Wheary, a leading Akron architect of the time, spotted Ginther's drawing talents and promptly put him to work. Under Wheary's guidance, Ginther learned the craft of architectural drafting and engineering and helped design and supervise the construction of his first church building, McKinley Church, in Canton, Ohio.
Ginther became one of the most influential ecclesiastical architects in the midwest during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. The designer of churches in Cleveland, Akron, Columbus, Pittsburgh, Erie, and many other communities, he defined the sense of sacred space for countless worshipers and enriched the aesthetic and religious lives of the region's residents.
Those interested in religious architecture or in Ohio historical architecture will find Dedication a valuable addition to their libraries.

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book. There were also images supplied from contacts made at the individual churches and library archives. I would especially like to thank Bill Johnson of St. Peter’s Church in Mansfield, Ohio. Bill gave me a CD-ROM containing a full set of plans drawn by Ginther for St. Peter’s, a truly remarkable find since many of Ginther’s plans no longer exist. As the tastes of the American public changed, so did Ginther’s approach. Readers will see how, as time passed, his designs became more

interior of Mother of Sorrows, Ashtabula, was taken prior to the installation of the organ and organ pipes in the balcony. George F. Houck, History of Catholicity in Northern Ohio and in the Diocese of Cleveland, from 1749–December 31, 1900. Cleveland: J. B. Savage, 1903. HOLY NAME CATHOLIC CHURCH | Steubenville, Ohio Dedicated 1900 Holy Name Catholic Church, Steubenville, Ohio (dedicated 1900). Ginther had the opportunity to design the parochial school (dedicated 1903) and pastoral residence

Catholic Church, Clinton, New York (dedicated 1913). In a parish history, it was noted that Ginther was paid $3,615 for his services ($78,727 today). The interior of St. Mary’s, Clinton. William P. Ginther Promotional Portfolio. HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH | Tulsa, Oklahoma Dedicated 1914 HOLY FAMILY CATHOLIC CHURCH | Tulsa, Oklahoma Dedicated 1914 The altars in Holy Family, Tulsa. Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church, Lorain, Ohio (dedicated 1915). NATIVITY OF THE BLESSED

IMMACULATE CONCEPTION CATHOLIC CHURCH | Johnstown, Pennsylvania Dedicated 1908 Immaculate Conception Catholic Church, Johnstown, Pennsylvania (dedicated 1908). The church closed its doors in 2009. Ohio Architect, Engineer and Builder 20, no. 6 (Dec. 1912): 39. NATIVITY OF THE BLESSED VIRGIN MARY | Lorain, Ohio This initial design for the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary (also referred to as Church of the Nativity) congregation in Lorain, Ohio, was never executed and is vastly different

Church Wellsville, Ohio Immaculate Conception Church St. Adalbert’s parochial residence, Cleveland, Ohio. St. Adalbert’s is scheduled to close in 2010; the fate of the church and parsonage remain in question. ST. MARY’S RECTORY | McKees Rocks, Pennsylvania PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS PAROCHIAL SCHOOLS As listed in Ohio Architect Magazine, as of December 1912, Ginther had created designs for the following parochial schools. In some cases, the school was actually a “church-school”—meaning, due to

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