Doctor On The Boil

Doctor On The Boil

Richard Gordon

Language: English

Pages: 149


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In Doctor on the Boil, Richard Gordon’s prescription in as effervescent and hilariously stimulating as ever.The work-shy Dr Grimsdyke is still at St Swithan’s – the same as ever despite the world having moved on around him. Nurses are hitching up their skirts in the name of fashion and the dean is almost certain he is to be knighted. And then a Rolls Royce pulls up at the hospital gates. In it is Sir Lancelot Spratt. Bored with retirement he has returned to invoke a clause in St Swithan’s original charter and resume his work – to the great dismay of just about everyone.

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hesitated. However much he enjoyed bedevilling the students academically, he was a good St Swithin’s man. He liked to see the hospital make a good display at Rag Week, and laughed as heartily as any at the various outrages committed on unfortunate citizens who happened to be passing. ‘Very well, very well,’ he agreed shortly. ‘I’m glad we still hold decent healthy rags in the hospital, with none of this damn nonsense of political protest, which ought to be abolished by law. You’re not going to

difficult to find a little amusement.’ ‘If you’re at a loose end, you might like to join our karate class. The nurses are very keen on it. Some of them could kill a man quite easily, you know, with one chop of the hand.’ 16 The following morning Grimsdyke again climbed the red-carpeted oak staircase. As he reached the corridor, two pretty nurses came running past him with expressions of alarm. ‘Cavendish has certainly responded to treatment,’ he murmured. He looked up, to find the girls

shook her head vigorously. ‘Socially acceptable?’ ‘Oh, yes. He runs an antique boutique.’ ‘Wants to marry you?’ She lowered her eyes. ‘I don’t know. But the other night he took me to a discotheque and then asked me back to his place – he lives over the boutique – for a…well, Sir Lancelot, I’m not frigid or anything like that, and I know a lot of girls do, I mean, quite nice girls, but I don’t know…I suppose I’ve had rather a lot of brainwashing on the subject from father,’ she ended a little

a hilarious account of the habits and customs of the residents of Britain’s many suburbs. Using his famed rye wit, Gordon comically exposes the fundamental structures and motivations of suburban society. Essential reading for anyone constantly baffled by those infuriating neighbours down the road! Great Medical Disasters Man’s activities have been tainted by disaster ever since the serpent first approached Eve in the garden. And the world of medicine is no exception. In this outrageous and

doctors write books? Happy Families Now living in the heart of British suburbia, BR1 2AX to be precise, Richard Gordon has adopted local dress and is conversant with many of the customs – he now washes his car as often as he cleans his teeth. As the seasons progress, this comic safari explores au pairs and Christmas, the problems of dieting and learning languages, births and deaths…and the great Wimbledon Strawberry Festival. This catalogue of rye exposures and observations are ones that apply

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