Doggone It (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 8)

Doggone It (Katie Kazoo, Switcheroo No. 8)

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 0448431726

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

When Katie's teacher moves in next-door, Katie can't believe her bad luck! Nothing could be worse than your own teacher living next-door-or could it? Mrs. Derkman hates dogs, and she wants the dogs on their street to be kept on leashes at all times! Katie is furious. Then the magic wind blows, turning Katie into her own dog, Pepper. Will she be able to convince her teacher that dogs are not all bad?

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normal.” “But Pepper’s lived here for years. He’s hardly ever been on a leash, and he’s never caused any trouble.” Katie thought for a minute. “In fact, there weren’t any problems in this neighborhood before Mrs. Derkman moved here. Maybe she’s the one who needs to be walked on a leash!” “Katie, I’m sorry, but Pepper’s going to have to be on a leash for a while. Just until we can clear his good name,” Mrs. Carew said. “It won’t be so bad,” Katie’s dad added. “We’ll get Pepper one of those

basement for a few days.” Katie told her. “We need to get started right away.” Chapter 12 “Hi, girls,” Mrs. Carew said, as Katie and Suzanne ran into Katie’s house after school the next day. “Do you want a snack?” “No thanks, Mom. We’ve got too much to do,” Katie answered. Mrs. Carew shrugged. “Okay, I have some bills to pay anyway. I’ll be in my room if you need me.” Katie waited until her mother was all the way upstairs before she started executing her plan. “Get the peanut butter

don’t get it. How is a peanut-butter bone going to get Pepper out of trouble?” Katie pointed to the bone. “That’s how.” Suzanne looked where Katie was pointing. There, in the middle of Katie’s lawn, sat the little white puppy. Her tail wagged excitedly as she licked the peanut butter from the bone. “Who’s that?” Suzanne asked. “That’s the vegetable thief,” Katie answered. She reached into her pocket and pulled out a tasty dog treat. The white puppy lifted her nose in the air and sniffed.

and gave her plenty of water. And every afternoon after school, they worked on training her. Finally, after about a week, Katie and Suzanne were ready to give the puppy a test. They wanted to see how much she had learned. Katie stood and looked firmly at the white puppy. “Sit,” she said. The puppy sat up tall. Katie walked away. “Stay,” she ordered. The puppy stayed right where she was. Katie sat down on her knees. “Come,” she said. The puppy scampered over to Katie. “Good girl.”

the puppy in his wife’s arms. The little dog snuggled up against Mrs. Derkman’s shoulder. The teacher slowly reached up and nervously stroked the puppy’s fur. The puppy nuzzled closer against Mrs. Derkman’s neck. Mr. Derkman smiled. “She’s awfully cute, Snookums. And she seems to need a home. We could give her a nice home.” Mrs. Derkman sighed. She’d seen that look in her husband’s eyes before. There was no fighting him when he wanted something this badly. “Well, I’m certainly not going to

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