Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less

Double Your Profits: In Six Months or Less

Bob Fifer

Language: English

Pages: 256

ISBN: 088730740X

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One of the nations' foremost financial consultants shares 78 proven ways to cut costs dramatically, send productivity through the roof, and, in just six months, double profits.

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Business B, or in your plant in Alabama with your plant in Barcelona, and you’ll probably find you need only half as many scientists. • What is your “technology mission statement”? To advance technology, or to make money for the company in specific, customer-oriented and costsaving ways? All the communications and all the leadership of the technology organization—starting with you—should be focused on the latter, more tangible goals. The scientists or engineers won’t do it by themselves, because

notion about the office space each of us needs. People who travel three or more days a week have their own (unoccupied) office. (In fact, very few people in your organization truly need their own office.) Offices are larger than they need to be. Reception space is often wasteful and unnecessary. The office space rules which you should follow are straightforward. Choose a lower-cost suburban location. Double or triple people up whenever possible. Eliminate unused “airy” central space. Office size

Reports should be direct and blunt, content-full and process-free. Finally, don’t automatically “cc” (send a copy to) everyone under the sun. I used to be that way. Any time I found an interesting article, a piece of data on a competitor, or wrote a memo, I copied everyone who might be interested. People did the same back to me, and I found myself getting five or ten or twenty such cc’s a day. Well, no matter how fast your hand can move a document to the trash can, it is a time-consuming,

express mail 10:30 a.m. service (costs more) vs. 3:00 p.m. service. Super-premium vs. premium vs. regular unleaded gas (Do you really think there’s that much of a difference?). Rush dry cleaning orders vs. the usual three days (try saying you can pay only the regular rate, but really need it rush. It works every time.) Macintosh computers, of which there are countless variations and price points: My informal survey of friends and neighbors says many go for the most expensive, but few really

they going to know later to make the decision that they don’t already know now? Make the decision now, so that later they can make another decision or achieve something else and therefore be twice as productive. A stubborn impatience to do things now is a powerful producer of profit. It also engenders an enormous respect from those in your organization. No one respects procrastinators, and everyone admires “doers.” Every time I’m in one of our offices I ask people to do more things; you’d think

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