Easy Casino Gambling: Winning Strategies for the Beginner

Easy Casino Gambling: Winning Strategies for the Beginner

Gayle Mitchell

Language: English

Pages: 167

ISBN: 1602390118

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Everyone who has ever gambled knows how even small bets can make the heart race. Gayle Mitchell understands because that's how she felt when she first walked into a Las Vegas casino nearly twenty years ago. Because her first experience was such a pulsating one, she committed herself to learn every game in the casino so that she could return the next time a better-educated gambler. Today, she is considered one of North America's leading experts on casino gaming and has made a career out of educating other gamblers. Here she explains the best and worst bets in the casino, the secrets of successful slots and video poker play, how to win at blackjack, her ten "Dos" of casino gambling, tips on casino poker, and much more. Her thorough knowledge of the subject and enthusiasm for the sheer fun of the casino experience makes this book essential reading before you walk through a casino's doors.

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aces: Split the aces and play a pair of aces in your low hand and three aces in your high hand. The casino’s advantage is about 2.8 percent, lowered to 2.5 percent with perfect strategy. A skillful banker can play an even game against the casino; therefore, try for the banker position often, placing larger bets as your wagering plan allows. Bet the minimum only when you have to be the player. If you enjoy pai gow poker, and like forming poker hands, you might want to try other forms of

occurs, known as Third Street. The player with the lowest card showing starts the betting. This forced bet known as the “bring-in” bet. If two (or more) players have the same low card, then the card suit determines who bets first, in this order: clubs, diamonds, hearts, and spades. Each player in turn (moving clockwise) must then either call (equal the bet), raise the bet, or fold. When the betting is completed, the dealer deals another round of cards faceup to each player, known as Fourth

or money line (sometimes first appearing as a “morning line”) is established by the casino itself or purchased from a company or individual (an “oddsmaker”) who calculates, or “makes,” betting lines. The casino’s commission, or vigorish, is built into the winning bets, just as it is with a banker’s bet at the baccarat table. The player bets not against the casino but against other players. The casino simply collects the vigorish in return for establishing the line and booking the bets. The main

Pay-Schedule Knowledge Random play increases the casino’s advantage way above 3 percent. So does playing a partial-pay instead of a full-pay machine, or less than the maximum number of coins. See the chapter on video poker. Worst Bet No. 10: Straight Slots That Have Less Than a 98 Percent Payback Take the time to search and test slots before giving up your money. For tips on how to do this, read the slots chapter. You’ll notice that some of the games mentioned (craps, slots, video

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