Ellie Featherbill All Alone (Magic Animal Friends #3)

Ellie Featherbill All Alone (Magic Animal Friends #3)

Language: English

Pages: 112

ISBN: 0545686466

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From the mind of Daisy Meadows comes a new fantasy world, with the same great magical voice as Rainbow Magic but brand-new adventures!

Best friends Jess and Lily visit Friendship Forest, where animals can talk and magic exists!

The girls are visiting Friendship Forest for Ellie Featherbill's birthday! When Grizelda's wicked plan to poison the river puts the little duckling in danger, can Lily and Jess save the day?

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the other Boggits and jerked his grubby, hairy head toward Jess and Lily. “Get them!” As the Boggits lunged for the friends, Jess switched the Feather Finder on. It lurched away, pulling her through Mystery Maze. Goldie and Lily tore after her—left, right, then left again. They left the Boggits quarreling behind them. “Pongo tripped me up!” roared Reek. “Whiffy pushed Pongo!” bellowed Sniff. “Oof!” “Yow!” “Aaargh!” Lily glanced back at the pile of squabbling Boggits, but they were already

struggling to their feet. “Faster, Goldie!” she yelled. The Feather Finder zipped right, left, then straight on between tall hedges. It zigzagged around fallen bushes, with Jess hanging on and Lily and Goldie close behind. But the Boggits were close behind, too! Suddenly, Lily felt a big furry hand touch her shoulder. Pongo! And he stank! She screamed and pushed him away, racing after Goldie and Jess. Just as she was sure they would be caught, the Feather Finder lurched through a gap in the

light. When the glow faded, they found themselves once more in Brightley Meadow. “Wow,” said Jess, rubbing her eyes. “A barge of ducks, the Mystery Maze, and a Feather Finder … That was an amazing adventure!” They ran to the stream and giggled as they skipped across the stepping-stones, thinking of the Flippershells. A little farther along, they saw Jess’s dad kneeling on the bank, feeding cake crumbs to the baby ducklings. “Hello, you two,” he said. “Lily’s dad told me these little fellows

It had stopped raining, but they had to splash through lots of puddles on their way back to where the prints had been. “I definitely saw a print here,” said Jess, stopping. The path split into three directions. One led to the swamp and another went back to the Toadstool Glade. Goldie pointed down the third path. “Bella must have gone that way—and those awful Boggits, too. Come on!” Read Bella Tabbypaw in Trouble to find out what happens next! Text copyright � 2014 by Working Partners

Limited Illustrations � 2014 by Working Partners Limited Series author: Daisy Meadows All rights reserved. Published by Scholastic Inc., 557 Broadway, New York, NY 10012, by arrangement with Working Partners Limited. Series created by Working Partners Limited, London. SCHOLASTIC and associated logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of Scholastic Inc. MAGIC ANIMAL FRIENDS is a trademark of Working Partners Limited. First printing, June 2015 Cover design by Carol Ly e-ISBN

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