Elliot and the Pixie Plot: The Underworld Chronicles

Elliot and the Pixie Plot: The Underworld Chronicles

Jennifer Nielsen

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 1402240201

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

An entire floor of St. Phobics Hospital for Really Scared Children has been set aside just for readers of this book. You may wish to take a minute before you start reading and reserve yourself a bed there.

As you read, you may begin to understand myctophobia (mic-tofo- be-a), or the fear of darkness. However, do not expect this book to help you with arachibutyrophobia (a-rak-i-something-be-a), the fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth.

If you can't get yourself to St. Phobics, then get every lamp, flashlight, and lantern you can find and drag them into your bedroom. Turn them all on. You'll need them until you're certain there is nothing lurking in the dark.

At least, that's what Elliot wishes he had done.

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Going Postal (Discworld, Book 33) (UK Edition)

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“What—” Mr. Willimaker gasped, then he saw Elliot. “Oh, Your Highness.” He tightened the towel around himself and then turned to Fidget. “Princess Fidget, I demand an explanation.” “Like, chill out,” she said. “You release Grissel, and I’ll let you have your king back.” “Elliot’s a king? But he’s such a dork!” Tubs started laughing so hard that tears rolled down his face. “He happens to be a very good king,” Mr. Willimaker said. Then to Fidget, he added, “You know I can’t release him without

hand to push some hair off her forehead, revealing a thin streak of white hair underneath the rest. “You don’t talk like the princess,” Elliot said, eyeing the Pixie suspiciously. “I bet you think all Pixies talk the same,” Claire said. “Wanna bet they don’t?” Elliot stared carefully at Claire. “Harold, is that you?” Harold the Pixie looked around to be sure nobody else was there and then flew in closer to Elliot. “I don’t have long, but I wanted to come see you. Because if you really think

hands. “I love flying, but it’s tiring.” “Can we get back to fixing my problem?” Elliot asked. “Huh? Oh, I can’t fix your problem. I’m a Shapeshifter, not a miracle maker. But I can do one thing for you. It’ll be morning soon at your house. Until you get this all worked out, I’ll go to the surface and pretend to be you.” “No thanks,” Elliot said. “It’ll be fine,” Harold said. “I’ve imitated humans plenty of times before. No one will even notice a difference.” “Don’t,” Elliot said. “You’d

path—Goblins included. She was the curse of the entire fifth-grade class, the plague of Sprite’s Hollow, and if the entire planet ever imploded inside a black hole, he knew that somehow she’d have caused it. The hunter, whose real name was Cambria Dawn Wortson, had found him at last. She leaned over him with her hands on her hips. “Elliot, we have to talk.” “Later. For once, my sister isn’t cooking tonight, so this might be my only chance to eat real food all month.” “Always thinking about

the sidewalk a couple of times, then said, “By the way, I hear you finally stood up to Tubs.” “Oh, yeah.” Tubs had bullied Elliot for as far back as either of them could remember. Tubs probably only remembered as far back as last week, but Elliot remembered his preschool years when Tubs used to tie Elliot to the merry-go-round with his blankie and start it spinning. After he won the Goblin war a few weeks ago, Elliot had told Tubs the bullying was going to stop. Tubs had pretty much left him

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