Elrod McBugle On The Loose

Elrod McBugle On The Loose

Jeff Strand

Language: English

Pages: 136

ISBN: 0759943257

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A comedy for kids...and adults who were warped as kids! The students at Greenwater Junior High have said they'll never forget this year, and Elrod McBugle is the reason. He's not a bad person. He doesn't TRY to get in trouble, cause mayhem, and occasionally blow things up...it just happens. And it's going to happen again and again! Share Elrod's hilarious adventures as he faces the wrath of the Slurpy Gulp Beverage Company, tries to become a millionaire selling homemade bubble gum, survives a wild squirrel attack, tries to find out if his math teacher is an axe murderer, and much, much more! Watch out, everyone...Elrod McBugle is on the loose!


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tired of Julie saying you can beat me up." "And he can!" said Julie. "We'll find out then, won't we?" asked Andy, as he stormed off. I stared at the napkin death sentence and my stomach did a few Olympic-quality flip-flops. "You don't think he's going to beat me up too, just because I'm your friend, do you?" asked Scoopy. "Maybe." "Aw, man." Okay, so I was in serious trouble. I wondered if Julie would still like me after she discovered that I couldn't squish Andy after all. She turned to one of

which smelled like gym socks that hadn't been washed since the invention of sweat. I kept it open just a tiny bit so I wouldn't get locked inside, and peeked through the slits. I watched and waited. I waited and watched. Several people walked by, but none of them stopped at my locker. The only really bad thing that happened was the janitor walked by and noticed that Colin's locker was ajar, so he pushed it shut. Well, I'd worry about that later. For now, I had to find out the identity of the

She didn't give this look very often, and it never seemed like a purposeful look. Meaning, if somebody was whispering during class she wouldn't give the axe look to get them to shut up, but instead she could be in the middle of a perfectly civil lecture about integers and suddenly give that horrible look for no reason without stumbling over a word. The look would only last a couple seconds and then she'd be back to normal, though I'm sure many students in that class checked under their beds those

eyeball---it actually ended up in my mouth. Have you ever tasted an eyeball? I bet you haven't, and I bet you don't want to. They're squishy and gooey and this one had squiggly lines all over it that made my tongue feel weird. And I almost choked on it. Do you know what kind of newspaper headlines people would read if I had choked? Greenwater Boy Chokes To Death On Slurpy Gulp Eyeball; "We're All Headed For The Poor House," Says Company Spokesman. That wouldn't be very much fun, now would it? I

I continued to go through the lab sheet, creating all the required chemical reactions, but at the end of each step we poured the result into the large beaker to see what would happen. What happened was that the mixture turned to a pretty disgusting brownish-black color. But it still didn't do anything interesting. When we finished our reactions, there were ten minutes of class left. Mrs. Jones had left the classroom to take an important phone call from her husband. I stirred the brownish-black

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