Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

Emily Windsnap and the Siren's Secret

Liz Kessler

Language: English

Pages: 304

ISBN: 0763660191

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Follow the siren call to Emily’s magical new adventure! Can the spunky half-mer girl pass Neptune’s test—and help humans and merpeople get along?

Emily Windsnap is finally enjoying a swimmingly peaceful life on Allpoints Island, hanging out with her mermaid BFF, Shona, and her new friend Aaron (half-merperson like herself ). But their idyll is cut short when Emily learns that the Windsnaps and friends must return to their old home in Brightport, where construction projects are threatening a secret mermaid community under the sea. Neptune’s mandate? No less than an interspecies intervention to bring merpeople and humans together, a task the imperious god feels the mixed Windsnap family is well suited for. There are just a few snags for Emily, however, like dealing with old nemeses Mandy and Mr. Beeston, figuring out her feelings toward Aaron, and untangling a high-suspense mystery related to a group of legendary lost sirens. Everyone’s favorite half-mermaid is back with a splash in a sparkling new adventure her fans will be eager to get their fins on.

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that only siren talk can make them. “Like what?” “The lost sirens!” Shona got up from the log and swam over to the anchor on the other side of the playground. She darted around it, swishing this way and that, making a shoal of tiny purple fish turn and dart away as one. “There was a group of sirens who disappeared years and years ago. One of them was known all across the oceans for her singing. Fishermen deserted their boats and threw themselves into the seas to find her.” Shona hesitated.

voice that was so different from the voice she’d been using a moment ago, you would have sworn it was a different person. I held my breath, keeping my mouth tightly closed, afraid to do anything in case she forgot again. “We were friends,” Mandy repeated. “We were on an island. You had a tail, and my dad wanted to put you in a show.” Her voice was soft and dazed. She sounded as though she was talking from inside a dream. “There was a big ferry.” She suddenly stopped and took another step back.

one comes here — ever.” “I — I — I swam,” I stammered. “Where am I, anyway? And who are you?” The mermaid swam closer to me, looked me straight in the eyes, swam all around me, then came back to face me. Her face was lined and pale. She seemed old, but at the same time almost ageless, and strangely beautiful. Her silvery hair was so long it flowed all the way down her back and stroked her tail as she swam. Her tail was a musty, dusty mix of mauve and pink. She looked a bit like someone who’d

way now.” But then he froze. He was looking at my arm. Or rather, the map underneath it. Glancing from the map back to the shell in Aaron’s hand, he took a step closer toward me. “The maps,” he said. “What are they for?” “They’re for my mom,” Aaron said quickly. Mr. Beeston spun around. “I thought you said you were helping Mandy with her homework?” “They are,” Mandy said. “Aaron’s mom is going to help me. It’s for geography. She knows a lot about the subject we’re doing at the moment.” I

He was standing on the jetty outside my bedroom saying something I couldn’t hear and waving at me to come outside. I leaped out of bed and ran out to join him. “Mandy’s plan worked!” he said. “I just heard them arrive.” “You’re sure?” I asked, hardly daring to believe he could be right. “I saw their car — and I saw them go in. It’s definitely them!” He grabbed my hand. “Come on, let’s go.” “Wait,” I said. “What if — what if it hasn’t worked? What if they don’t remember anything?” Aaron

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