Emma All Stirred Up! (Cupcake Diaries)

Emma All Stirred Up! (Cupcake Diaries)

Coco Simon

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1442450789

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Emma needs a break from big-sister duty in this addition to Spotlight’s treat of a tween series.

Emma is not thrilled with always having to rearrange her schedule so she can babysit her younger brother, Jake. Now Emma’s parents have broken some news that really threatens to push Emma over the edge—since Emma and Jake are going to the same day camp this summer, she’s expected to sit with Jake on the bus. Not only does this mean Emma can’t hang out with her friends, but she also has to comfort Jake—who has a serious issue with motion sickness.
     Can Emma find a way to sweeten up her summer plans?

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wrangle the kids, keep the refreshments going, and stay on top of the garbage and cleanup. We also had to guard the doors, so the kids didn’t end up inside watching TV or trashing Jake’s room or anything. For me, the best part was that Mia, Alexis, and Katie got to sample what my life is really all about. There was no time to be squeamish when one kid gashed his foot open. There was nowhere to run when Jake’s friend Ben picked up a toad and brought it right up to us to see. Replenishing the

for the group. At the end, Maryanne opened the “packet,” and it was filled with these awesome friendship bracelets for each of us. We all grabbed for the color we wanted. I, of course, grabbed a pink one. Then we got down to business, naming our team. A very pretty girl named Georgia, with light red hair and dark eyes, suggested we be “Rock Stars.” I thought it was a great idea, but because it was the first idea, everyone still wanted a chance to make their own suggestions. A girl named

something boring, like cupcake revenue!” “Thanks a lot!” I said. I was hurt that she said it because I don’t find cupcake revenue boring. I find it fascinating. I love to think of new ways to make money. How could my best friends and I have such different interests? I wondered. “Sorry, but you know what I mean,” said Katie. “It stresses me out to talk about who likes who.” Still. “Well, no one likes me!” said Emma. “That’s not true. I’m sure people like you,” said Mia. But I noticed she

the locker room, so you don’t have to strip naked in front of strangers. I could never change in front of other people. Forget about being naked and getting into a bathing suit—I can’t even change into pj’s at a slumber party or try on clothes at the mall if someone else is in the room. Except for Mom. It’s just a personal thing. I am very private about my body. Maybe it comes from being the only girl in a family of boys or from having my own room, but I just like privacy. Alexis and I changed

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