End of Exile (Exiles, Book 3)

End of Exile (Exiles, Book 3)

Ben Bova

Language: English

Pages: 127

ISBN: 0525292977

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Born and brought up on a space ship that is slowly deteriorating, Linc discovers its secrets and the way to get the remaining occupants to their ultimate destination

The Days of Abandonment


Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good (The Mitford Years, Book 10)

Finding Elmo

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... don't make me do it." He didn't answer. After a long silent time, she got up and left him sitting there by himself. 7 He stayed alone on his bunk for only a few minutes. Everybody's at lastmeal by now, he thought. He knew what he had to do. Suddenly, It was as clear as the instructions the wall screen had given him about the pump. Magda's vision of the future was right. I'm going to find Jerlet. He went to the door and stepped out into the corridor. It was empty; everyone was in the

buttons that put the airlock through the rest of its cycle. The air pumped out of the cramped metal-walled chamber, into the storage bottles that lay hidden behind the access panels lining the walls. The telltale lights on the tiny control panel shifted from amber to red, and the outer hatch swung open. Once again Linc was outside the ship. This time, though, he hurried up the outer skin of the tube-tunnel, racing against time to get to the hub of the ship. He had something less than ten hours

It's time for us to stop acting like children and start doing what's needed to save ourselves and reach the new world." "No." Linc turned. It was Magda. "You are wrong," she said. "Misguided. You may honestly think that you're doing Jerlet's work, but you are wrong." "I lived with him!" Magda's face was a mask of steel. "There is no proof. You tell us that Jerlet is dead, yet will live again. You say that Jerlet spoke the words we heard from the screen, yet he didn't show himself to us. You

chair around and wheeled himself away from the bridge. One of his guards stayed with Linc, a fellow named Rix. "He's gone crazy," Rix said. "I'm better off with you." Linc didn't tell everyone that the food processors couldn't feed a large number of people indefinitely. They would need inputs of fresh food eventually. But by that time we'll either be in orbit around Beryl or dead. Monel was back a few days later, this time threatening to have the guards tear people away from the bridge by

Linc?" "Nothing," he answered. "There's nothing for you to do. Except,.. when I tell you to move, you'd better all jump." He snapped out the last word, startling them. "We're only going to have one tiny chance to make it—one chance for life. You'd better be ready to move when I tell you to." He dragged himself back to the computer desk on the bridge and began programming it. Every gram of rocket thrust... every erg of power... it's going to be all or nothing. Jayna brought him food. He took it

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