Esquire [USA] (June-July 2016)

Esquire [USA] (June-July 2016)

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Esquire delivers an entertaining, sophisticated and witty read, balancing interviews, thought provoking writing and quality photography in a stylish, accessible package.

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one-liner delivery—she really knows how to deliver those jokes.” So she was right for the character in the story, and I said, “Let’s get Miley Cyrus.” And she was perfect. MW: The character of Ben in Café Society is similar to the Jerry Orbach character who arranges a hit for his brother in Crimes and Misdemeanors. Who inspired those guys? WA: Well, you know, I grew up in Brooklyn when gangsters were a big part of the culture. And my father was hired to go up to Saratoga and place bets for, I

want to kick off WHEN PAULA GERBASE, the 33-yearold Savile Row alum with her own small label (1205) and a penchant for wearing men’s shoes, became the first artistic director of readyto-wear shoemaking house John Lobb in 2014, she was given free rein to reconsider its traditions— even the distinctive narrow, elegant last. Many such time-honored features are rooted in John Lobb’s beloved yet restrained brogues and oxfords. Gerbase’s creations modernized such splendors for a wider and, dare we say,

burglary, especially being on a highway here, and you can tell when it’s illegals ’cause they’ll leave the guns. Even schoolkids get dragged into it. The local school buses Mexican kids from the border—it’s a tradition, they’ve done it for years—but recently some kid got caught with a brick of pot in his backpack. “And a couple times, I think it was last year, illegals got on the school bus and the driver was too afraid to say anything, drove ’em all the way into town.” Worst off are the ranchers

thousand-pound bear,” I said. THAT EVENING, the lake was unruly, which made even trolling difficult. A cold front had unexpectedly rolled in from the Arctic. Charcoal-gray clouds hung low over the white-capped water. Shards of rain turned everything on the horizon opaque, including the evergreen trees, which looked black in the distance. The following day, my last day of fishing, I was scheduled to go back to Burton’s Pond for one final redemptive shot at a big trout, so I quit early. Around

66: Todd Snyder + Superior Labor tote, Hilfiger towel, Mark Cross tote, p. 68: Fragrances: Tom Ford, Dior, Le Labo, Byredo, Frédéric Malle, // Three for the Road, p. 95: Gucci suit and T-shirt, Ralph Lauren shoes, Hilfiger belt, Zero Halliburton attaché case, Saint Laurent by Hedi Slimane dress, Louboutin

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