Faithfull: An Autobiography

Faithfull: An Autobiography

Marianne Faithfull, David Dalton

Language: English

Pages: 336

ISBN: 0815410468

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

From pop stardom through the depths of addiction to her punk-rock comeback, Marianne Faithfull's life captures rock 'n' roll at its most decadent and its most destructive. Faithfull's first hit, 1964's "As Tears Go By," opened doors to the hippest circles in London. There she frolicked with the most luminous of the young, rich, and reckless, including Bob Dylan, the Beatles, and the Rolling Stones.
Her legendary affair with Mick Jagger produced one hit single, "Sister Morphine," and countless headlines. Faithfull left the relationship a strung-out junkie. Struggling to kick drugs and revive her musical career, she recorded Broken English in 1979, an edgy, hard-hitting, critical triumph. As honest in her autobiography as in her music, Faithfull is a searing, intimate portrait of a woman who examines her adventures and misadventures without flinching, without apology.

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talk about. After all, the people I work with would be horrified. They’ve just given me an advance! The record company, the album, the producer—it’s all going ahead on the premise that I want to do it, that I believe in it. It would be like the pilot of a 747 saying in midflight, “I’m not really sure I’m into flying today.” Horrendous. The problem wasn’t the record, obviously. Something in me was breaking down. The album never came out. It did have one great song on it that I’d written with

Guinness, Desmond and Penny Gypsy (drug connection) Gypsy Dave Gysin, Brion Hall, Jerry Hamlet (Shakespeare) Hardin, Tim Hardy, Françoise Harlech, Lord Harpo, Slim Harris, Emmylou Havers, Michael, Q.C. Hawn, Goldie Hazeldon Clinic Heartbreakers Helen (nanny) Hendrix, Jimi Herman’s Hermits heroin. See drugs High Tide and Green Grass (Stones album) Hitler, Adolf Hodkinson, Mark Hoffenberg, Mason Hoffman, Dezo Holiday, Billie Hollies Holly (with Island Records) Holly,

Richards practically lived there, too; he and Brian were fast friends in those days. Every day Keith would walk all the way from his flat in St. John’s Wood, about four miles, into Gloucester Road. After he broke up with Linda Keith, his girlfriend at the time, he took to spending even more time there. Supposedly he no longer had a place to stay, but I always suspected it was to get closer to Anita. Keith just exuded lonely bachelorhood, and naturally Brian and Anita always let him crash there.

flung it from the balcony of his hotel room which was on the forty-first floor. He turned back to us and, without missing a beat, picked up the conversation at the point where he’d left it. I was in shock. It was a case of persecution pure and simple, and Andrew Oldham was shrewd enough to see it for what it was. They wanted Andrew too, of course, and he was petrified. He basically stayed out of the country until it was all over, which is one of the things that caused the irreparable rift

laugh over that. They were trying to let me down easy: “Poor thing, we must be nice to her or she’ll go off and kill herself.” I was finally signed by Tony Calder, my old manager from the mid-sixties. Tony was now at NEMS Records working with Patrick Mehan. They gave me the contract, I thought, because of my notoriety (it sells records). Also, the possibility that I might come up with something great couldn’t be completely ruled out. I was very grateful, whatever the reasons. I didn’t know quite

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