Faust I & II (Goethe : The Collected Works, Vol 2)

Faust I & II (Goethe : The Collected Works, Vol 2)

Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

Language: English

Pages: 344

ISBN: 069103656X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Goethe's most complex and profound work, Faust was the effort of the great poet's entire lifetime. Written over 60 years, it can be read as a document of Goethe's moral and artistic development. Faust is made available to the English reader in a completely new translation that communicates both its poetic variety and its many levels of tone. The language is present-day English, and Goethe's formal and rhythmic variety is reproduced in all its richness.

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returned; excuse us if there was a bit of trouble. We knocked, then beat upon the door, but still no one would open it; we kept on rattling and pounding, 11,350 then the rotted door fell down; we shouted and made angry threats, but still we met with no response. And as so often in such cases, they did not hear, they would not listen; 11,355 but we refused to brook delay, and, as you wished, soon cleared them out. The couple didn’t suffer much, 11,360 they simply dropped down dead with

ANGELS (hovering in the upper sky with the immortal part of FAUST). This worthy member of the spirit world is rescued from the devil: 11,935 for him whose striving never ceases we can provide redemption; and if a higher love as well has shown an interest in him, the hosts of heaven come 11,940 and greet him with a cordial welcome. YOUNGER ANGELS. All those roses, given us by penitents whose love is saintly, helped us win our victory and fulfill our lofty mission, 11,945 helped us seize

him to make himself scarce. 2305 SIEBEL. I say, sir, you are impudent to practice your hocus-pocus here! MEPHISTOPHELES. Be still, old wine-tun! SIEBEL. Broomstick, you! To injury you want to add your insults! BRANDER. You wait! You’re asking for a beating! 2310 ALTMAYER (pulling a stopper, so that fire shoots out from the table at him). I’m burning! I’m on fire! SIEBEL. It’s black magic! Stab him! The fellow is outside the law! They rush at MEPHISTOPHELES with drawn knives.

from your little tattered book would lisp your prayers— 3780 half childhood games, and half devotions! Gretchen! What are your thoughts? What crime is buried 3785 deep within your heart? Are you now praying for your mother’s soul, that by your fault is gone to long, long agonies? Whose is the blood before your door? – And now beneath your heart 3790 does life not stir and quicken, alarming you and itself too with its foreboding presence? GRETCHEN. Alas! Could I but escape these

what is this? Sisters, look round you! Was it not clear just now? 9090 Streaks of fog are floating up from the Eurotas’ sacred stream; now its lovely sedge-girt banks have already vanished from sight; nor, alas, do I still see, 9095 silently gliding, free and proud, the elegant swans whose delight is companionable swimming. Nevertheless, I do hear their cry, 9100 distant and hoarse, the sound which men say presages death. Let us hope that after all, though salvation has been

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