First Admiral

First Admiral

William J. Benning

Language: English

Pages: 297


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

It’s not easy being an ordinary teenager leading a hazardous and exciting double life. The Garmaurians, the most advanced species in the universe, wiped themselves out with a bio-weapon in a senseless civil war. And, in a desperate attempt to protect the secret of the potentially dangerous Trion technology - the ability to manipulate the fundamental particle of the universe - their leader sends one last covert mission to Earth. The mission goes horribly wrong, leaving Billy Caudwell; an overweight, acne-scarred 14 year old, with the Mind Profile of a military genius, a huge battle fleet and a mission to unite the intelligent species of the universe in a Universal Alliance. With people to rescue, space fleets to battle and villains to defeat, Billy has to overcome his own inhibitions, insecurities and a vicious bully before he can start saving the universe. Welcome, dear readers, to the exciting universe of First Admiral.

Desecration: Antichrist Takes the Throne (Left Behind, Book 9)

L'Empire des Anges (Cycle des Anges, Tome 2)

The Days of Abandonment

Muse of Fire

Our Lady of the Forest












that it was scaremongering by the Government that kept them trapped on this planet and denied the freedom to find their own way. He cursed Gallus Bulbore, once again, knowing in his heart that she was behind all of this. However, he had not a shred of proof to support his opinion. He had considered simply arresting her and any and all of her associates, but without proof, that would have meant a suspension of the Thexxian Constitution. Falkus Margallan would rather put a projectile pistol to

comrade climbed sharply in a huge Victory Roll. Meanwhile, his comrades were strafing the self defence guns, and tearing them to ribbons. The self defence gunners; distracted by the decoy strafing the deck behind them had reacted instinctively to protect the take-off and landing surface. They swung their guns around to knock down the speeding Eagle as it hurtled over the deck with all pulsar-cannons blazing. The damage inflicted by the brave Eagle pilot was minimal to the actual deck surface,

ambush point. Slightly annoyed, Billy set off to search the entire playground and all the known haunts of Reilly and his gang. Billy, somewhat frustrated, scanned the playground with his last few precious moments of freedom, and failed to find the object of his attentions. The pattern was repeated at first break. Billy scoured the playground, even asking some of the other students where Reilly was. The students, somewhat astonished at someone actually looking for Reilly, responded that they did

money do you carrot top?” Reilly asked, possibly hoping that today’s ambush would not be a total waste. “No, Reilly, I don’t have any money,” Billy feigned terror, yet looked the bully squarely in the eyes. For a moment the arch-bully faltered, caught by Billy’s gaze, but then launched into the inevitable attack. There was still an edge of fear at the back of Billy’s mind, from years of previous experience that he just could not shake. Now, however, Billy knew that the P.E.S. would protect him

those Eagles keep station within the battle shielding,” Jarral indicated a group of twenty Alliance fighters who had strayed from their designated positions. In their eagerness to come to grips with the enemy, they had drifted ahead of the battle shielding that was meant to protect them from the incoming Pritern weapons. Almost unconsciously, as she had spoken, she had highlighted the errant fighters with a yellow circle generated through the pistol grip remote control in her right hand. “Yes,

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