First Into Action: A Dramatic Personal Account of Life in the SBS

First Into Action: A Dramatic Personal Account of Life in the SBS

Duncan Falconer

Language: English

Pages: 352

ISBN: 0751531650

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Special Boat Service draws its manpower solely from the Marine Commando Units. It was first into battle—a month before the SAS—in the Falklands War, and again in the Gulf War, yet hitherto it is the SAS that has had by far the higher profile. This memoir is written from inside the SBS. The author tells how he trained with the Royal Marines in Deal before being recruited into the SBS at Poole. The regimen of ruthless training is described in detail, and the book also contains accounts of SBS operations in Ulster, Bosnia, and the Gulf War, and of the intense rivalry between the SAS's individualist mentality and the more team-based, marine ethos of the SBS.

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pick up the bits, you were the obvious choice.’ I had never considered myself emotionless. As I said before, I just kept it hidden better than most. You could not be as nostalgic as I was and not have feelings. I thought the reputation I’d gained in Northern Ireland for cracking right on with the job after we lost someone, as if nothing had happened, was an asset in this job. It was, but that didn’t mean people would like you for it. Colby, however, had no time for my problems. He was lost in

of the top, but the periscope was moving, attached to several thousand tons of sub below, and it was not going to slow down. Zipper was dragged out of the boat, but his partner, reacting as swiftly as Zipper, managed to leap forward and grab his feet. He did it in such a way that he jammed his knees tightly into the forward corner of the rubber boat and off we went. I felt the powerful shunt forward in my boat, which nearly made me fall backwards. And so there we were, steaming along, Zipper

for it. Excuse the little dig, lads. The target for the first special forces operation ofthe Gulf War was a high-tech fibre-optic communications system that spanned the length of Iraq and was buried underground. American intelligence discovered that the system linked the Scud missile units and helped coordinate Iraqi attacks on Israel. The cable was also supported by microwave links to fill the gaps in any breaks in the flow of important data. The system could be disabled if certain sections of

Noah the driver climbed out to greet us with a flask of coffee. Noah was the oldest Marine in the corps, never interested in promotion, who had been everywhere the Marines had in the last twenty years. He had been a driver for the SBS the past few years, a job he wanted to keep till his time ran out. He always felt sorry for those on selection, as if we were prisoners and had no choice. Although it was strictly prohibited, he operated like a resistance worker against the evil DS and sneaked us a

two SAS troopers were unharmed. The boyo climbed back into the car and it took off towards the crossroads. The two SAS troopers pulled themselves together and immediately gave chase. The RUC were thrown into confusion by the shooting, which they could not see and did not expect so soon, and so they didn’t react immediately when the first car tore through the crossroads. By the time the SAS car came through at speed, the RUC had recovered and, mistaking the shot-up SAS car for the ASU, presumably

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