Five Go Off in a Caravan (Famous Five, Book 5)

Five Go Off in a Caravan (Famous Five, Book 5)

Enid Blyton

Language: English

Pages: 91

ISBN: B002A4FN60

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A caravan holiday for the Famous Five is bound to be an adventure! And when they stumble across a circus troupe, the gang are thrilled. But some of the circus people have more sinister plans than just clowning around

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looked doubtfully at his uncle. He didn’t know whether to go with them or not. Lou nudged Dan again. ‘You go, too, if you want to,’ said Tiger Dan, trying to grin amiably at the surprised Nobby. ‘Keep your fine friends, see! Much good may they do you!’ The grin vanished into a scowl, and Nobby skipped smartly out of reach of his uncle’s hand. He was puzzled and wondered what was behind his uncle’s change of mind. He tore after the children. Timmy came to meet them, barking his head off, waving

day, and how he had hidden on the caravan roof. He described how the men had come � and had gone under the caravan � and then moved it. They all listened with wide eyes. What a story! Then Nobby told his part. ‘I butted in and almost gave the game away,’ he said, when Julian had got as far as the men falling asleep and snoring. ‘But, you see, I had to come and warn you. Lou and Dan swear they’ll poison Timmy somehow, even if they have to dope him, put him into a sack and take him down to the

the hole in the roof, and into the enormous cavern. They found a sandy corner and sat down. Julian handed Anne the kitbag and she undid it to get the food inside. ‘Better only have one torch going,’ said Julian. ‘We don’t know how long we’ll be here. We don’t want to be left in the dark!’ Everybody immediately switched off their torches. The idea of being lost in the dark inside the hill wasn’t at all nice! Anne handed out slices of bread and butter, and the children put thin slices of Mrs

we?’ said Anne eagerly. ‘I liked him. We won’t go near his uncle, though. I think it’s queer that such a bad-tempered looking man should be the chief clown in a circus.’ ‘I wonder when and where Mother will get the caravans!’ said Julian. ‘Gosh, won’t it be fun when we see them for the first time!’ ‘Let’s go and tell Dobby!’ said Anne. ‘He is sure to be excited, too!’ ‘Baby! He won’t understand a word you tell him!’ said George. But off she went with Anne just the same, and soon Dobby was

clothes except our night things, do we?’ said George, who would have lived in a jersey and jeans all day and every day if she had been allowed to. ‘You must take plenty of jerseys, another pair of jeans each, in case you get wet, your rain-coats, bathing-things, towels, a change of shoes, night things, and some cool shirts or blouses,’ said Mother. Everyone groaned. ‘What a frightful lot of things!’ said Dick. ‘There’ll never be room for all those.’ ‘Oh yes there will,’ said Mother. ‘You will

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