Freddy and Fredericka

Freddy and Fredericka

Mark Helprin

Language: English

Pages: 576

ISBN: 0143037250

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

New York Times bestseller by Mark Helprin, author of Winter's Tale, which is now a major motion picture starring Colin Farrell, Jessica Brown Findlay, Russell Crowe, William Hurt, and Jennifer Connelly

Mark Helprin’s legions of devoted readers cherish his timeless novels and short stories, which are uplifting in their conviction of the goodness and resilience of the human spirit. Freddy and Fredericka—a brilliantly refashioned fairy tale and a magnificently funny farce—only seems like a radical departure of form, for behind the laughter, Helprin speaks of leaps of faith and second chances, courage and the primacy of love. Helprin’s latest work, an extraordinarily funny allegory about a most peculiar British royal family, is immensely mocking of contemporary monarchy and yet deeply sympathetic to the individuals caught in its lonely absurdities.

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people who had given him large amounts of money. “Moofoomooach,” Freddy said. Because Dewey wanted something from Freddy, he responded with contrived modesty. “Knott.” “But I am,” said Freddy. “You are what?” “Moofoomooach.” “I know,” Dewey told him. “You’re Moofoomooach, and I’m Knott.” “That’s correct.” “I know,” said Dewey, who had contended with this sort of exchange all his life and never understood what was happening. “Shall I call you Dr Moofoomooach, or just Moofoomooach? Hello,

said, gently but with unquestionable determination. “Quite soon the world will become very difficult for him. I know, it happened to me. But don’t worry, all will come right in the end.” WHEN FREDDY SAT DOWN after greeting his father in the study, he expected the conversation to turn to birds, horses, lubricants for carriage wheels, and perhaps even intra-Tory politics. “How are you?” he was asked. “Very well,” he answered. He noticed that his father was wearing a rather threadbare suit that

away.” When the boy didn’t move, he asked, “Don’t you?” “Not me. And why’d you make those tracks with the queen’s car? This isn’t England, you know, where the grass grows easily; it’s Scotland, where it takes a year.” “I know it’s Scotland. I’m here for a reason that’s worth some tracks in the heather.” “What reason?” “If I tell you will you promise to go?” “I’m not gonna. I’ll hang about. What are you doing with the queen’s car, anyway? It’s her bird, too. It’s got the marmalade thing on

they flew toward him. Instinctively, he covered his face, but they would not have stuck to his face. And then he turned, remembering that, dorsally, only his posterior had tar. “Now you’ve got them on your arse, too!” the derelict said in triumph. “Look at you, you look like a giant white chicken! I’ve never seen anything like you. No one has, no one in the world!” “Bugger off,” said Freddy, fully aware of what he looked like. “And give me that box of chicken.” “Do you want a drumstick or a

was Mr Neil’s answer. “Often Snep and Chia were indistinguishable, as in Thumswak inchka entlama bisko frigadooka, which was exactly the same in both dialects, and which meant, in today’s parlance, ‘Ghastly bad luck that you’re so small and like not to bathe in the sea.’ ” “Let’s keep this to ourselves, shall we?” Paul suggested. “Can you imagine what the Americans would do with it?” They all agreed. “Gershwin,” continued Mr Neil, “lived with his parents on the Cornish cliffs. They were

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