From Dawn to Deceit

From Dawn to Deceit

Terry Joseph

Language: English

Pages: 248

ISBN: 1441579060

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Are the Wall Street players Jasper Cunningham encounters along his quest for power merely a pawn in his murderous passion for wealth? From Dawn to Deceit reveals the saga of a self-made multimillionaire whose greed and malice succumb him to fight the justice system to regain his freedom and stature in the business world. Through flashbacks of the adulterous years preceding Jasper's arrest and trial, we encounter cold-blooded murders, corporate fraud and embezzlement, and justified rape. In his journey, Jasper affiliates with seemingly faithful lovers and underworld cohorts who become jointly entangled in their common goal-the pursuit of wealth, sex, and power. But who can Jasper trust? The layers of deception only accelerate after his verdict.

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mistress? This could not be real! Laura walked closer to the entrance of the high-rise office tower in a trance, but the pain became intense. Before exiting the building, she managed to walk over to a restroom on the lobby level. She entered the restroom and hunched over the bathroom sink in pain. “Miss, are you all right?” Laura’s condition drew great concern from a woman coming out of a stall. “Yes, I’m fine. I’m just experiencing Braxton Hicks labor pains,” she said. “I’m not due for

however, to no avail. Phil was still at the beach house with the children and would be there for another four days. She figured she would go to Greece for a few days and return home around the same time with Phil. Heather called her travel agent to book a flight to Greece the following night. However, her travel agent said that Mr. Cloise had already contacted them and that her tickets for a departure that night were waiting at the airport for her. Heather called Phil at the beach house. “Hi,

“Why would you come to me?” “You are his investment banker and his mistress. You could provide him with many alternatives to benefit the two of you.” “Well, you are wrong. I don’t have any information or knowledge of your money.” At the same time, the first man who was holding down Tracey’s legs slapped her in the face splitting her lip. She cried out and held her bleeding mouth. “Why are you doing this to me? I don’t know anything,” she cried. “Tie her up,” said the second man. They grabbed

cell phone rang. It was Laura pleading with me to stay silent as they had too much to lose . . . not to mention the embarrassment it would cause her family. So I remained silent. I heard Jasper in the background yelling at her to hang up the phone. I regret it now. Prosecutor: Ms. Henderson, have you ever witnessed Mr. Cunningham’s infidelity? Eva: Yes. After that episode, Laura was not “allowed” to travel with me anymore. Then the strangest coincidence occurred. I was on a vacation trip to

unusual for Jasper to absorb. One week? How did the U.S. officials know he was living in this remote village in Spain? Where were the U.S. authorities and why were they looking for him now? As he sat in the dingy cell, he experienced flashbacks of his prior arrest and the confinement it imposed. An overwhelming fear that this arrest would present a similar, if not worse, challenge with an unfavorable outcome overcame Jasper. He had so much more to lose now. His life was stable. He was free from

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