Futurism and Futurisms: Futurismo and Futurismi

Futurism and Futurisms: Futurismo and Futurismi

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Book by Pontus Hulten

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shown as beautifully as by Boccioni. Sant'Elia's, Boccioni's and Marinetti's ideas about architecture were followed by the functionalist architects and theoreticians, and had their apotheosis in the Sixties in England. Great realizations in this vein have is been made in France. Recently Futurist interior decoration has regained popularity, and probably will reappear from time to time. Will there be a Futurist exhibition in the year 2986? What will it look like? Will it be as strange as the

Collection Giacomo Giacomo Balla Speeding Car 1913 1913 oil on paste-board, 66 x 94 cm Milan, Civica Galleria d'Arte Raccolta Grassi 82 Balla Speeding Car Moderna watercolour on paste-board on canvas 46,5 x 60 cm Private Collection Giacomo Balla Rhythm + Noise + Speeding Car 1913 on paper pasted on canvas, 64,5 x 72,5 Naples, Giaquinto Collection lacker cm 83 Giacomo Balla Dynamism of a Car 1913 China ink and lacker on paper 53x75,5 cm Rome, Private Collection t*0"

Drinker 1914 oil on canvas, 87 x 88 cm Milan, Riccardo and Magda Jucker Collection on loan to Pinacoteca of Brera 137 Umberto Boccioni Charge of the Lancers 1915 tempera and collage on paste-board 32 x 50 cm Milan, Riccardo and Magda Jucker Collection on loan to Pinacoteca of Brera Umberto Boccioni Dynamism of a Racing Horse + House 1914-15 gouache, oil, wood, paste-board, copper and painted iron, 112,9 x 115 cm Venice, Peggy Guggenheim Collection (Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation! ^

England Meda Mladek, Washington, D.C. Francesco Dal Co, Venice Wilhelm-Hack-Museum, Ludwigshafen The Whitworth Art Jan and Modernage Maria Galan de Cueto, Mexico City Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven Victoria George Costakis Nassau New York Geneva List Arzubide, Mexico City Eugene Victor Thaw Co Ltd, New Antonella Vigliani Bragaglia, Rome Anna Lena Wibom, Stockholm Sam and Ayala Zacks Abramov, Jerusalem Marc Blondeau, Paris Fulgenzio Borsani, Varedo Silvia e Angelo Calmarini,

Rathman, Anthony Shugaar, and Clive Unger-Hamilton. stored & Futurisms" the "Society Azioni Palazzo The exhibition aims to give an overview of one of the most intense and interesting cultural movements of our century, which appeared in different forms in different countries, with a complex interweaving of linguistic and artistic inventions. But the Grassi" starts is its activity. also intended to represent the first realization new Company's program, which to provide a is fresh space

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