Gentle Giants of Ganymede

Gentle Giants of Ganymede

James P. Hogan

Language: English

Pages: 171

ISBN: 0345298128

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Long before the world of the Ganymeans blew apart, millennia ago, the strange race of giants had vanished. All that remained of them was a wrecked ship, abandoned on a frozen moon of Jupiter. Now Earth's scientists were there, determined to ferret out the secret of the lost race. Then suddenly the Ganymeans returned, bringing with them answers that would alter all Mankind's knowledge of human origins . . .

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Shannon said in a tone that was decisive and final. "Captain, call off the interception." "Abort Ram One," Hayter ordered. "Ram One disengaged and turning away." Long exhalations of breath and sudden relaxing of postures signaled the release of the tensions that had been building up. The Vega streaking in from deep-space made a shallow turn that took it into a pass at twenty miles’ distance and vanished once more into the infinite cosmic backdrop. Hunt turned to Danchekker, talking in a low

when required; the whole tail end of the structure moved down as well to afford a "lobby." Very neat. But his further study of the vessel was interrupted as a stir spread through the dome. The Ganymeans were coming out. Looking more gigantic than ever in their suits, a party of aliens descended one of the ramps slowly and approached the waiting Earthmen, who immediately snapped into saluting posture. In the next few minutes an exchange of formalities similar to that which Hunt had already

modification or breaking down of some kind of protein molecule, but precisely what molecule or for what purpose we don’t know." Danchekker gazed around the room to invite further comment but nobody appeared to have anything to say. The room became quiet. A mild hum from a nearby generator became noticeable for the first time. At length Hunt stubbed his cigarette and sat back to rest his elbows on the arms of his chair. "Sounds as if there’s a problem there, all right," he commented. "Enzymes

parties of eight-foot-tall aliens, together with their ever-vigilant police escorts, had become accepted, if not yet commonplace, sights in Times Square, Red Square, Trafalgar Square and the Champs-Elysées. They had listened appreciatively to a Beethoven concert in Boston, toured the London Zoo with a mixture of awe and horror, attended lavish receptions in Buenos Aires, Canberra, Cape Town and Washington, D.C., and paid their respects at the Vatican. In Peking their culture had been complimented

reflected as he finally, left for home at nine o’clock that night, he was not going to have any problems with motivation there. Next morning he made a point of avoiding that part of Navcomms HQ building that contained his own offices and started his day by paying a call on another old friend of his—Don Maddson, head of the linguistics section. It was Don’s team, working in cooperation with several universities and research institutes all over the world, that had played one of the most important

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