Ghost Town at Sundown (Magic Tree House)

Ghost Town at Sundown (Magic Tree House)

Mary Pope Osborne

Language: English

Pages: 96

ISBN: 0679883398

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jack and Annie are ready for their next fantasy adventure in the bestselling middle-grade series—the Magic Tree House!

Is this town HAUNTED?

Jack and Annie wonder when the Magic Tree House whisks them to the Wild West. But before they can say "Boo!" they rush headlong into an adventure filled with horse thieves, a lost colt, rattlesnakes, and a cowboy named Slim. Will Jack and Annie have time to solve the next Tree House Riddle? The answer may depend on a ghost!

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“He’s a sign,” said Annie. “A sign of what?” said Jack. “That Morgan’s back,” said Annie. She jumped off the porch. “Come on!” “But what about dinner?” Jack said. “Dad said it would be ready soon.” “Don’t worry,” said Annie. “You know when we leave in the tree house, time stops.” She ran across their yard. Jack pulled on his backpack. “Back in ten minutes!” he called through the screen door. Then he followed Annie. They hurried down their street and into the Frog Creek woods. The sun was

section called “How to Treat a Horse.” The basic rules on how to treat a horse are simple: a soft hand, a firm voice, a sunny attitude, praise, and reward. “I’ve got the rules!” shouted Jack. “Don’t do anything before I write them down!” Jack pulled out his notebook and pencil. He wrote: “Okay, listen—” Jack looked up. But Annie was already sitting on the colt’s back! Jack froze. He held his breath. The mustang whinnied and pawed the ground. He snorted and tossed his head. Annie kept

mother,” said Annie. “They left him behind because he was too slow.” “Yup, must be the rustlers that stole my last five mustangs,” the cowboy said. “Who are you?” said Jack. “I’m a mustang herder,” the cowboy said. “They rode through town. Then Sunset showed up all alone,” said Annie. “We’re taking him to his mother.” “Sunset?” the cowboy said. “Yup,” Annie smiled. “I named him.” The cowboy put away his six-shooter. “Well, you’re pretty brave to try and rescue him, Smiley,” he said.

good idea, but I wasn’t sure what should happen in the story. Then one day, I received a letter from a girl named Alexandra, who lives in Washington. She suggested that Jack and Annie help a colt find his mother, who has been stolen by horse thieves. What an excellent idea, I thought. Many thanks to Alexandra for helping me with this book. Also, thanks to everyone who has written. More Tree House books are in the planning … so all your thoughts and suggestions are very welcome. Keep them

night he’d show up at the hotel and play the piano. He played ‘Red River Valley’ over and over. “Then one night he just vanished into the prairie and was never seen alive again. His bones were found a year later. But folks say his ghost returns to the hotel piano to play ‘Red River Valley.’ It goes like this … ” Slim took out a harmonica. He began to play a song. It was the same sad song Jack and Annie had heard in the hotel. Jack lay back down and listened to the lonesome tune. A coyote

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