Giant Book of Dirty Jokes

Giant Book of Dirty Jokes

Mr. J

Language: English

Pages: 368

ISBN: 0890098123

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Giant Book of Dirty Jokes is a collection of graphic, shocking, and especially funny jokes and anecdotes.

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penis doesn't have to be cut off?" ~'Forget what they say. Go home," the Chinese doctor repeated. "No surgery. Go home. Wait two, maybe three weeks. Peeker fall off all by himself." 80 ..... A man took his wife to a Broadway show. During the first act intermission, he had to urinate in the worst way. He hurried to the back of the theatre and searched in vain for the men's room. At last he came upon a fountain surrounded by pretty foliage. He realized that he had wandered backstage. Noting

in a row, I'm the one who's sore l" 140 A father was talking to his son just before the son's marriage, explaining what the son could be looking forward to in his marriage. He said, "Son, in the very beginning, it's triweekly. Mter you've been married ten years or so, it's try weekly. But then after your silver anniversary, it's try weakly." 142 a~~-dollar " " p r i e s t at Sunday mass noticed that Michael took a bill and two one-dollar bills from the collection phte, instead of putting

looked perplexed. "Ready for what?" "I want a girl," the old man rasped. "I wanna get laid." 11 How old are you, Pop?" she aske

masturbating with a liverwurst. He sighed and tiptoed back to bed. The next morning, one of his customers came in and asked for some liverwurst. The butcher explained that he didn't have any. The lady was annoyed. She pointed and said, "No liverwurst, eh? Well, what's that hanging on the hook right over there?" The butcher frowned at her and replied "That . my son-m-Iaw." . ' ' Ia dy, IS 44 1'-:-_·,·~ ~ 'W'couple visited a sex clinic to complain that their life had become a bore. Each night

afternoon at three o'clock." "Camels!" the young man snorted in disgust. "Huh!" But by Thursday, he couldn't wait. He stood at the edge of the camp scanning the horizon. At ten to three, he could see a cloud of dust. It grew larger, and then a herd of about twenty camels came thundering into the camp. Jordon couldn't wait. Grabbing the first one by the bridle, he quickly began to fuck it. ~e sergeant ran up to him. "Private Jordon, what m hell are you doing?" sergeant, it's easy enough to see 1'

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