Goal: The Ball Doesn't Go In By Chance: Management Ideas from the World of Football

Goal: The Ball Doesn't Go In By Chance: Management Ideas from the World of Football

Ferran Soriano

Language: English

Pages: 140


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This book contains fascinating facts that aren't found in either the sports or business press that reveal the behind the scenes world of international football. Soriano teaches us the importance of strategy as he examines how managers can waste millions of euros making decisions that lack any logic at all in both football and business.

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advertising on its jersey, and the shirts were not supplied by a multinational manufacturer but made by an unbranded company. They had very good grounds for this. Their sole natural market was the three Basque Provinces. They didn’t need anybody to distribute their kits in Singapore, New York, or any other part of the world. So there was no reason for them to become associated with any multinationals. The team could distribute and sell its own jersey from its six official Athletic stores, four of

team can be paid any salary they agree with the club. The rest have a collective salary cap. The FC Barcelona team in Europe has a cost of around €200 million, while a hypothetical Barcelona team in the MLS would have a cost of around €2 million. A huge difference that would mean the players would have to be young and cheap. In the same way that it is very difficult for the greatest NBA basketball players to play in Europe given the differences in salary, it is very difficult for great football

the know said the players wouldn’t accept it. They said we were deluded and inexperienced. In spite of their opinions, we introduced the system and the players accepted it quite well, and salaries at Barcelona have been distributed approximately as follows ever since. Two-thirds are paid with a fixed salary, and a third with a variable one, according to the players’ individual and collective performance. As general rule, imagine a player wants to earn 100 units – because this is the going market

learn or develop them. Some people had already started negotiating with their mothers over giving up their dummies. But there is also a science that can be learnt and which can make us better at negotiating and more confident at decision making: a science that will help us avoid the feeling we have made a mistake that can’t be put right or that we have been cheated. Getting ready to negotiate When you are getting ready to negotiate it is always better to be over- (rather than under-)

have prepared very well for the meeting. Agents have plenty of time for this, it’s their job – and a whole year’s income might hinge on a single negotiation. I remember sitting down with Ronaldinho’s brother, Roberto de Assis, to negotiate something and seeing how much he had written in his notebook. He had made a very good study of all the options; but we had, too. We had done our homework well before the meeting and set out everything very efficiently on a spreadsheet on the laptop, with all

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