Good to Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

Good to Great and the Social Sectors: A Monograph to Accompany Good to Great

Jim Collins

Language: English

Pages: 35

ISBN: 0977326403

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Jim Collins Answers the Social Sector with a Monograph to Accompany Good to Great. 30-50% of those who bought Good to Great work in the Social Sector.

  • This monograph is a response to questions raised by readers in the social sector. It is not a new book.
  • Jim Collins wants to avoid any confusion about the monograph being a book by limiting its distribution to online retailers.
  • Based on interviews and workshops with over 100 social sector leaders.
  • The difference between successful organizations is not between the business and the social sector, the difference is between good organizations and great ones.

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