Gorgeous Georgians (Horrible Histories)

Gorgeous Georgians (Horrible Histories)

Terry Deary

Language: English

Pages: 144

ISBN: 1407163892

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

All the most horrible facts about the Gorgeous Georgians ready for readers to uncover, including their sneaky schemes for hiding personal hygiene problems and the schoolchildren who went to war with their teachers. Refreshed with a fantastic new design for 2016, these bestselling titles are sure to be a huge hit with yet another generation of Terry Deary fans.

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gravestones. Edward Henson heard shots and cries. He walked wearily up the hill to his lodging house. Without bothering to undress he fell onto his straw mattress next to a snoring sailor, pulled a rough wool blanket over himself and was asleep in no time. The next night he was drinking his ale a lot more slowly. ‘So you saved your friend from the sack-’em-up men, I hear,’ the landlord said. He was looking at Edward Henson with a little more respect tonight. ‘I did. And I hear they found a

The writer Addison said … Fans were waved in front of the face to keep a lady cool in the steaming hot theatres. Some men complained that the large fans were more like windmills! They were decorated with pictures but also with verses of songs or paragraphs from popular books. (If you got bored at the opera you could always read your fan.) Ladies learned to use fan-fluttering as a signal to people watching. One flutter might mean anger while another flutter might mean love. Fans were also useful

have been in? Class 7: ‘The miserable, who really suffer want’ In 1757 a mother and nine children in Buckinghamshire went several days without food. The mother found some money and bought the heart, liver and lungs of a calf to make a meal. Then she went off to gather fire wood. When she got back the children had eaten every scrap, gullet and all. The same year a mother and two children in Cumberland had no bread and tried to survive on horse bran. They were all found dead one morning and the

argue with the king. Where did this Parliament thing come from? Here’s a quick horrible history … That brings us to the gorgeous Georgians … Potty parties Disaster! King George I didn’t do a lot of arguing with his Parliament because he hardly spoke any English. He gave a lot of presents and power to the Whigs and they ruled the country for him. The Tories hated George I – they only supported him because they thought he was better than the Catholic James Stuart. Even the Whigs didn’t like him

honest. He did not believe in bribing MPs, unlike Walpole. But he did find the job a strain. He became almost mad with the strain and the cure was to lock him in a darkened room. His wife passed food through to him. Being half mad didn’t stop George III being king and it didn’t stop Pitt being prime minister. They let him out of the room to speak in the House of Lords. This was a big mistake. While he was speaking he collapsed and died. No-good North Lord North – PM in 1770 – has been called

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