Gothic Sports Volume 1 (v. 1)

Gothic Sports Volume 1 (v. 1)

Language: English

Pages: 192

ISBN: 1598169920

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Anya is a young girl who has to adjust to her new school. When she tries to fit in and join the various school sports teams, shes rejected by every one. With nowhere else to turn, she decides to form her very own soccer team. Thus begins the first Gothic-Lolita soccer team. Young adult.

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couple minutes before the big game! Please! Don’t do this to Anya! ... ... 158 GothicSports_1.indd 35 8/3/10 3:08:26 PM From there it was simple. Win an idiotic test game... ...get rid of Leon... and begin to focus on the upcoming tournament. It all seemed so simple... ...but of course, nothing went the way it should have. Are you nuts?! 157 GothicSports_1.indd 36 8/3/10 3:08:26 PM The other new members turned out to be Hannes and Alexia... It was a bit surprising, really.

does this ragtag team of misfits even stand a chance against the more experienced team? And will they be able to stop fighting amongst themselves long enough to win? Will Delia escape Marie’s clutches? And what’s the deal with Anya’s horrible memories of Leon? Find out the answers to these questions and more in Volume 2 of Gothic Sports! GothicSports_1.indd 17 8/3/10 3:08:23 PM GothicSports_1.indd 18 8/3/10 3:08:23 PM Let’s show them how tough a “trivial challenge” can be! To be continued

GothicSports_1.indd 163 Marie... 8/3/10 3:08:54 PM Buh-bye! Hey! Not so fast. Maybe then you’ll be in touch with reality. Don’t you have to let me join? You want me to show you? Enough! Or shall we skip all that and just start training? It’s right in the school rules. 29 GothicSports_1.indd 164 8/3/10 3:08:55 PM I know you can’t stand me... Well... You’re right. I can’t stand you! You can’t get rid of me that easily. ...but I don’t care! But that’s not the point. You would

played on an official team. But we played all the time in P.E. class! Please... GothicSports_1.indd 167 ...Teams? Um... well... And I got a 2+! That’s way above average! 8/3/10 3:08:55 PM Ever looked in a mirror, sweetie? ...1.5 meters*? Basketball? You? How tall are you, anyway? *F our fe e t , eleven in ches! All right, no more jokes. We’ve got a tournament coming up! This school has a title to defend! We don’t have time to train beginners. Especially not those who are

GothicSports_1.indd 179 8/3/10 3:08:57 PM Ha! Then we’re in the same class? Yeah, I think so! Excellent! Just like the good ol’ days! The other kids are really excited Better to meet not keep you. them waiting. Don’t worry-everyone will love you. 13 GothicSports_1.indd 180 8/3/10 3:08:57 PM Is that you? Anya...? Hey! Remember me? Y e p ! Luise? You can say that again! Wow! How long has it been... grade school? I haven’t seen you in ages! So you must be the new girl I’m

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