Grosslumps: Tales to Irritate Your Spook Glands

Grosslumps: Tales to Irritate Your Spook Glands

P. F. Chills

Language: English

Pages: 128

ISBN: 1942099010

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Here lie nine spooktacular, hauntifying, and ghouleriffic tales by horror mega-maestro P. F. Chills! A high school where human sacrifices are the illest. A magic button that delivers killer pizza. An aging rock band who turns fans into demons. A kid who discovers his parents' divorce lawyers are aliens. These stories and more will give you a nasty, highly contagious case of the grosslumps.

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cologne sample called Aspen from one of my mom’s magazines. I rode my bike over to Tamara’s place. Her parents weren’t even there. Whoa. I rang the doorbell and heard dogs barking. Tamara answered the door and shooed the dogs away. She was wearing a long black dress and a lot of makeup. She totally looked like Andrea on 90210, my sister’s favorite show. “Robbie! You made it! Come on, party’s in the basement.” She led me downstairs. It was dark and lit only by candles. There were a bunch of

with Leslie. If only we had known. But we didn’t. I walked down the halls of Chester High School with my three best friends, Leslie, Brooke, and Karolyn. You remember them, right? It seemed like just yesterday we were selling homemade lanyard friendship bracelets during the summer, but it was four years ago. We were in high school now, and we were the most beautiful and popular girls at Chester High. Best of all, we had stayed super close friends all these years. “You guys, I don’t have

in the darkness. But with one bright flash of lightning, she could see everything. As the lightning bolt burst, Dana saw a horrible tiki man growling at her through the windshield! Its claws were outstretched like Blake’s hands. They were ready to grab some serious melons, too. The claws tapped hard at the windshield. Dana let out a blood-curdling scream. Blake reacted immediately. “I’m sorry! I thought it was okay to touch them!” he exclaimed. “Touch what?!” asked Dana, panicked. “Your

reverb gave them each an eerie feeling. Then, Randy felt something squeeze out of his head. Suddenly, all three kids grew tiny horns! There was another thrash of the guitar. Spiked leather vests appeared over their clothes! Another loud guitar strum gave them Spykz makeup! “Whoa, this is gnarly!” Butch exclaimed! “I hate this!” shouted Kira. What if the ballet girls heard about this? Her girl card would be revoked. Spykz rushed back into playing “Legion of Dimension Spykz.” Butch and Randy

it was only September. “My wiener will NEVER fall off.” Roxie made a vow to herself to march into that cursed bathroom stall the next day and write a wish that would help everybody. She would write that she was the best volleyball player in the world. And that she had huge boobs. Problem solved! She also made a mental note to give Coach Heely pubic lice, because she sucked. Roxie had just learned about crabs in sex ed. Fifteen years later, Roxie kicked back in her new corner office. She

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