Hamlet (Modern Library Classics)

Hamlet (Modern Library Classics)

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 272

ISBN: 081296909X

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

A continuation of the major series of individual Shakespeare plays from the world renowned Royal Shakespeare Company, edited by two brilliant, younger generation Shakespearean scholars Jonathan Bate and Eric RasmussenIncorporating definitive text and cutting-edge notes from William Shakespeare: Complete Works-the first authoritative, modernized edition of Shakespeare's First Folio in more than 300 years-this remarkable series of individual plays combines Jonathan Bate's insightful critical analysis with Eric Rasmussen's textual expertise.

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noble-minded/magnanimous 187 That I have as to think that I have 191 my … honour where my honor is concerned 192 will want, will have 194 voice (authoritative) endorsement 194 peace reconciliation 195 name ungored reputation uninjured 199 frankly freely, with no ill will 202 foil background material used to set off the luster of a jewel (shifting the sense away from “sword”) 204 Stick fiery off stand out and sparkle brilliantly 210 laid the odds backed 212 he is bettered Laertes is

to have been set from a theatrical manuscript, it was also influenced by the Quarto tradition; so too, a modern edition of Folio can benefit from Quarto readings when the Folio text is manifestly erroneous, as it is on numerous occasions. THE TRAGEDY OF HAMLET, PRINCE OF DENMARK LIST OF PARTS HAMLET, Prince of Denmark KING of Denmark, Hamlet’s uncle GHOST of old Hamlet, former King of Denmark, Hamlet’s father GERTRUDE, queen of Denmark, Hamlet’s mother POLONIUS, councillor to

Horatio, Barnardo and Marcellus HORATIO    Hail to your lordship! HAMLET    I am glad to see you well: Recognizes him Horatio — or I do forget myself. HORATIO    The same, my lord, and your poor servant ever. HAMLET    Sir, my good friend, I’ll change that name with you164. And what make you from165 Wittenberg, Horatio?— Marcellus. MARCELLUS    My good lord. To Barnardo HAMLET    I am very glad to see you.— Good even167, sir.— To Horatio But what in faith make you from Wittenberg?

request. HORATIO    What is’t, my lord? We will. HAMLET    Never make known what you have seen tonight. BOTH    My lord, we will not. HAMLET    Nay, but swear’t. HORATIO    In faith, my lord, not I161. MARCELLUS    Nor I, my lord, in faith. HAMLET    Upon my sword163. Holds out his sword MARCELLUS    We have sworn, my lord, already. HAMLET    Indeed, upon my sword, indeed. GHOST    Swear. Ghost cries under the stage166 HAMLET    Ah ha, boy, say’st thou so? Art thou there,

hold, If this should blast in proof139. Soft, let me see: We’ll make a solemn wager on your cunnings140. I ha’t141: When in your motion you are hot and dry — As make your bouts143 more violent to the end — And that he calls for drink, I’ll have prepared him A chalice for the nonce145, whereon but sipping, If he by chance escape your venomed stuck146, Our purpose may hold there.— Enter Queen                       How now, sweet queen? GERTRUDE    One woe doth tread upon another’s

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