Handling Difficult People: Easy Instructions for Managing the Difficult People in Your Life

Handling Difficult People: Easy Instructions for Managing the Difficult People in Your Life

Language: English

Pages: 150

ISBN: 1440563276

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Practical advice for interacting with toxic personalities.

At one point or another, you'll encounter someone who is inconsiderate, irate, or aggressive and you'll need to know how to effectively manage the situation. Handling Difficult People helps you deal with the toxic personalities in all areas of your life, including in the workplace, at home, and during everyday interactions. Inside, you'll find the strategies and tools you need to spot the ten most common personality types and information on why these people behave in such an irritating manner. This book also teaches you what you should do when you're confronted by a difficult person as well as how to avoid these types of people altogether.

With the time-tested advice and techniques in Handling Difficult People, you'll confidently manage any toxic situation--and learn what you can do to help yourself.

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ultimately it is not really about you, but some deeper problem that the Brick Wall has—and that you are probably not the first person to have this kind of toxic reaction to him or her. Even when confrontation with a Brick Wall does not escalate to the level of lawyers and court hearings, it might feel as though it is at that level. These are not friendly encounters, but are extremely defensive and hostile, with the potential for tempers erupting in damaging ways. Even if you have known the

normally a highly skillful storyteller, capable of holding an audience’s attention with one funny, outrageous tale after another. Quite often, the Drama Queen has cultivated a distinct way of laughing, and peals of his or her own laughter will roar above the merriment of the crowd at the conclusion of an anecdote or joke. Even in more serious or businesslike settings, Drama Queens will tend to dominate the conversation. If they must listen to someone else, they will still somehow pose or position

what their real needs might be. And still once again, remember to praise this person for the everyday things they do, such as performing their job well. When a coworker turns Drama Queen over work related issues, you might want to keep a safe distance, lest you become associated in people’s minds with such instability. However, if you must get involved, you can try getting them to snap out of it: “Look, we’re all overworked. What makes you think you’re any better than everyone else?” Once again,

victory. To use a fairly silly example, let’s say a Know-It-All has just stated that the earth is a moon of the planet Mars. If it is pointed out in no uncertain terms that this is not true, the Know-It-All might reply: “Actually, scientists are saying now that it is true, because moons can also be planets.” Also be mindful of people who seem to never, ever admit that they are wrong. Some people tend to make excuses for themselves, but with Know-It-Alls, it is as though nothing wrong even

about your way. NOT-SO-FUN FACTS ABOUT: TWO-FACES Some people might assume that women are more likely to be Two-Faces, since according to the stereotype, women “love to gossip.” But actually, men are just as likely to talk about people behind their backs. It is just that men tend to not recognize that what they are doing is gossiping, and call it something else. Research has found that often when someone talks about someone else, the audience will assume that the speaker is the same

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