Henry IV, Part I (Folger Shakespeare Library)

Henry IV, Part I (Folger Shakespeare Library)

William Shakespeare

Language: English

Pages: 2100

ISBN: 1480294187

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

FOLGER Shakespeare Library
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Essay by Alexander Leggatt
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proud Jack like Falstaff, but a Corinthian, a lad of mettle, a good boy, and when I am king of England, I shall command all the good lads in Eastcheap. They call drinking deep, dyeing scarlet; and when you breathe in your watering, then they cry ‘Hem!’ and bid you play it off. To conclude, I am so good a proficient in one quarter of an hour that I can drink with any tinker in his own language during my life. I tell thee, Ned, thou hast lost much honour that thou wert not with me in this

OF ENGLAND: FROM THE HISTORY PLAYS TO SHAKESPEARE’S LIFETIME THE HISTORY BEHIND THE HISTORIES: A CHRONOLOGY Square brackets indicate events that happen just outside a play’s timescale but are mentioned in the play. FURTHER READING AND VIEWING CRITICAL APPROACHES Barber, C. L., “Rule and Misrule in Henry IV,” in his Shakespeare’s Festive Comedy (1959). Superb linking to the “festive” world. Bloom, Harold, ed., Modern Critical Interpretations: William Shakespeare’s Henry IV, Part 1

or Henry V in Nicholas Breton’s A Post with a Packet of Mad Letters (Part I, 1603). 3. James Wright, Historia Historionica (1699). 4. Colley Cibber, An Apology for the Life of Mr Colley Cibber (1740), p. 87. 5. Thomas Davies, Dramatic Miscellanies (1784, repr. 1971), pp. 124–8. 6. Davies, Dramatic Miscellanies, pp. 127–8. 7. Davies, Dramatic Miscellanies, pp. 136–41. 8. Davies, Dramatic Miscellanies, p. 153. 9. Davies Laurence Selenick, The Changing Room: Sex, Drag and Theatre (2000), p.

be responsible for the validity of the coins 11 soused gurnet type of pickled fish/drunkard 12 press power of conscription I…pounds Falstaff has allowed those who can afford it to buy their way out of being soldiers 13 of for 14 good substantial, wealthy 15 yeoman’s sons the sons of freeholders of small landed estates inquire me out ask for, seek contracted engaged (to be married) 16 banns public notice of the intention to marry, announced in church on three successive

Daventry Northamptonshire town southeast of Coventry 43 find…hedge i.e. they’ll steal clothes left to dry on hedgerows 44 blown swollen/short of breath quilt padded covering/fat man (plays on Falstaff’s name, Jack, which could also mean a padded tunic worn instead of armor) 47 cry you mercy beg your pardon 51 looks for expects 52 fear doubt 55 butter i.e. fat 59 toss throw away/impale on a pike food for powder cannon fodder 60 pit mass grave as well as better

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