Horses: The Ultimate Treasury

Horses: The Ultimate Treasury

John Woodward

Language: English

Pages: 160

ISBN: 1465418504

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

For every young horse fan who's ever dreamed of having his or her own pony, comes Horses: The Ultimate Treasury.

From wild horses and zebras to working horses like the Clydesdale, Shire, Percheron, and the American Saddlebred, Hackney, and Missouri Fox Trotter, learn about horses from around the world and throughout history. Discover how horses evolved and were domesticated, read about the world of working horses in the nineteenth century, and meet the Spanish Riding School's snowy white stallions. Feature spreads provide details covering topics as diverse as famous horses in literature, heroic horses in battle, and stunt horses in Western movies. Breed profiles help identify readers' favorite types of horses, as well as a valuable introduction to the practicalities of horse care and riding lessons. Horses: The Ultimate Treasury an all-in-one, go-to companion for every horse lover.

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between six and ten years of age. 102 The head is long, with a deep jaw and large eyes Lipizzaner The original Lipizzaners have survived several wars. In 1945, they were at risk of being slaughtered for meat by Soviet forces, but the U.S. Army rescued them. Height 15–16 hands Colors Gray, but occasionally bay The arched neck is short and sturdy, with relatively flat withers and a wide, deep chest Similar breed Alter Real The Portuguese version of the Lipizzaner is also based on Andalusian

Essentially, Le Trec is a competitive form of cross-country pleasure riding, or hacking—an activity that most riders enjoy. There is no serious element of competition involved in hacking, but it does demand the same skills—following a path, controlling your mount, and negotiating hazards. 135 Sport horses More horseplay In addition to racing their horses and pitting them against each other in jumping and endurance events, riders have found many other ways of using them for sports. These

breeds such as the Thoroughbred. The long neck is arched and very mobile Similar breeds Barb Tersk The North African equivalent of the Arab, the Barb has an equally ancient history. It is less graceful, but tough and very fast. This new breed was developed in southwest Russia by crossing Arabs with local horses. The result is both robust and elegant. Height 14–15 hands Colors Gray, bay, black, and chestnut Height 14.3–15.1 hands Colors Mainly gray; also chestnut 26 Desert horse As its

90 Horse-drawn carriages 92 Breed profile: Hackney 94 The story of the Pony Express 96 Riding into battle 98 Breed profile: Cleveland Bay 100 Classical riding 102 Breed profile: Lipizzaner 106 Racing and jump racing 108 The story of Seabiscuit 110 Breed profile: Thoroughbred 112 Equine movie stars 114 Racing on wheels 116 Breed profile: Standardbred 118 Dressage 120 Breed profile: Dutch Warmblood 122 Show jumping 124 Breed profile: Selle Français 126 Eventing

forest-living horses evolved over time, together with others adapted to life on grasslands, but eventually all the browsing types died out. The kiang (Equus kiang) is a wild ass that lives on the high-level grasslands of the Tibetan plateau. Meet the family The earliest horses belonging to the genus Equus seem to have evolved four to five million years ago in North America, and before long they spread to Eurasia. They gave rise to all the modern species of wild horses, asses, and zebras, as

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