Hotlanta Book 3: What Goes Around

Hotlanta Book 3: What Goes Around

Denene Millner

Language: English

Pages: 320

ISBN: 0545003105

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The Duke sisters return in this fabulous finale to the Hotlanta trilogy!

At their prestigious Atlanta high school, twins Sydney and Lauren Duke rule the roost. While straight-A Sydney wields her power in Tory Burch flats and pearl studs, reckless, sultry Lauren makes it happen as head of the cheerleading squad. But the girls' messy family history - and their involvement in a dark mystery- may topple everything they hold dear. Their mother and stepfather want to tear apart Sydney and her new boyfriend. And Lauren's true love, Jermaine, is tied to sketchy dealings on the wrong side of town. Can the Duke sisters redeem themselves while staying true to what's real?

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during his twelve-year stint behind bars, and he looked as tired and raggedy as the old armchair he rose up from. She reminded herself that Dice wasn’t back from an extended vacation. On the contrary, he had been released from one of the most notorious prisons in all of Georgia. “It sure is good to see y’all back together,” her Aunt Lorraine chimed in. She was hunched over in a dining room chair she’d dragged to the far corner of the room, wearing a dingy housecoat and run-over slippers. “Lord

I’ll holler at you later,” he said, and with a quick general head nod at the entire table, Jason was gone. As soon as Sydney could sit back down, Rhea jumped all over her. “Well, excuse me. I didn’t know you knew Jason,” she teased good-naturedly as Carmen raised her eyebrows suggestively at his retreating back. “You holding out on us now?” “Yeah, Syd. Since when are you and Jason Darden so tight?” Marcus seethed. “What can I say? You’d be surprised at the things that I know,” Sydney hinted

at the West End Station.” Lauren really didn’t want to tell Jermaine that though she’d lived in Atlanta all her life, she’d been on MARTA only once—the day Altimus dragged her and Sydney, then about thirteen years old, to an Atlanta Falcons game. None of the Duke women could figure out, even years later, what was going through his mind when he decided his quality Daddy-and-the-twins time should be spent in a massive stadium full of drunken, foul-mouthed, rowdy football fans. But somehow, Altimus

backward. “Stop the music—just stop it,” Clipboard Lady yelled. “Next!” “But we didn’t even get to finish our routine,” one of the girls whined. “She ruined our chance!” Lauren said nothing. She was shaking. When it came to dancing, she never, ever made mistakes. “Jessica, send those two over to me,” yelled Mr. Pinner, who was standing a few yards away with the entourage, all of whom were grinning from ear to ear. “What about this one?” Clipboard asked, holding Lauren by the shoulder.

today.” The usher stepped forward and asked, “Are you ready, Sister Watson?” “If one is ever ready to bury her own child,” she replied, taking his hand as the tears started to roll. “Lord Jesus, give me the strength. I need it now. I need it now.” The doors opened and Eugenia Watson slowly headed into the sanctuary; Lauren shot a quick look at Sydney. “You guys ready?” Jermaine asked as he inhaled deeply. “Don’t worry about us, we’re good,” Lauren answered as she gave his hand a quick

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