How to Do Everything Samsung Galaxy Tab

How to Do Everything Samsung Galaxy Tab

Guy Hart-Davis

Language: English

Pages: 408

ISBN: 0071771093

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Get the most out of your Samsung GALAXY Tab

At last--a tablet that puts the power of a full computer right in your hands! This hands-on guide shows you show to tap into your Galaxy Tab's full range of business productivity and entertainment features. How to Do Everything: Samsung GALAXY Tab teaches you how to connect to wireless networks, sync data with your PC or Mac, browse the Web, use e-mail, and much more. Harness the power of the Android operating system, maximize the built-in and third-party applications, and maintain and troubleshoot your Galaxy Tab with help from this practical, time-saving resource.

  • set up, navigate, and customize your Galaxy Tab
  • Connect seamlessly to as many wireless networks as you need
  • Synchronize your Galaxy Tab with your PC or Mac using Samsung Kies
  • Play movies on your Galaxy Tab or your TV
  • Take photos and videos and share them online and offline
  • Check e-mail, communicate with instant messaging, and browse the Web from anywhere
  • Keep up with your social networks on the go
  • Read e-books and PDFs in the palm of your hand
  • Navigate easily with Google Maps
  • Install and use versatile applications from the Android Market
  • Troubleshoot, maintain, and secure your Galaxy Tab
  • Connect to your work network via virtual private networking

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• Use Location For Google Search Select this check box to allow the Galaxy Tab to provide your location when searching on Google Search and using other Google services. Providing your location enables you to get more-targeted search results. If you don’t want to provide this information, clear this check box. Set Up a Screen Lock To prevent anyone else from using the Galaxy Tab if you mislay it, you can apply a screen lock that uses a pattern of movements, a PIN, or a password. To set up the

aware that videos you post usually take an hour or so to show up on YouTube. Watch Videos with the Google Videos App You can also watch videos using the Google Videos app, which gives you access to the videos that Google Videos offers for rental or purchase. Google Videos provides a handy way to get new video content to watch on your Galaxy Tab. If your Galaxy Tab didn’t include the Google Videos app, you can go to Android Market, download the app, and install it. This app is free. Launch

option button to apply an antiquing touch of brown. • Negative Tap this option button to reverse the colors. Change the Video Resolution Normally, you’ll want to shoot your video at the full quality that the Galaxy Tab’s Camera app supports—1280 × 720 resolution. If you need to produce a lower-resolution version of a video clip, you can make the change on your computer using an application such as Windows Live Movie Maker (on Windows) or iMovie (on the Mac). But the Camera app can also record

Conversation option button, the Older Conversation option button, or the Conversation List option button (the default), as needed. • Message Text Size To choose the size at which the Gmail app displays the message text, tap this button. In the Message Text Size dialog box, tap the appropriate option button—Tiny, Small, Normal, Large, or Huge. • Clear Search History Tap this button to clear your search history. The Gmail app doesn’t confirm the clearance. • Restore Default For “Show Pictures”

333–334 recovery from system crash, 351 restore to factory settings when fails to load, 361–362 SDK (Software Development Kit), 316 shutting down Android service, 329–330 animation, screen settings, 48 Apple Pages, creating e-books in ePub format, 297 Application Info screen, managing apps from, 323–325 application settings checking on battery consumption, 58–59 development options, 59–60 installing apps from non-Android sources, 59 overview of, 58 Samsung app settings, 60–61

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