How to Get Things Really Flat: Enlightenment for Every Man on Ironing, Vacuuming and Other Household Arts

How to Get Things Really Flat: Enlightenment for Every Man on Ironing, Vacuuming and Other Household Arts

Andrew Martin

Language: English

Pages: 240

ISBN: 1615190023

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Perfectly pitched to strike some raw nerves: A witty, often surprising manifesto about how and why men should do housework—and a very useful guide for both the millions of men who shirk household duties (see the incriminating stats below!) and the women who live with them

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yours, in other words. Let me see now . . . You could fatally electrocute yourself with a steam iron that had become faulty, or you could injure someone else—perhaps another man, curious about this piece of exotic equipment. For instance, most steam irons have a facility enabling a sort of bonus jet of steam to be fired out of the sole plate onto particularly stubborn creases. It’s sometimes called a steam burst. You could be holding the iron vertically and demonstrating this to someone. “Look

dishwasher, the more delicate items it will be able to handle. Most dishwashers will have a setting for fine china and glass. There is nothing very sophisticated about this: it is the shortest cycle and can therefore be construed as a tacit admission by the manufacturers of the brutal nature of dishwashers. I used to use this setting for ordinary crockery, just because it gave me a chance of being able to unload the dishwasher during the same kitchen session as the loading. But my wife said it

CLEANING The firm called Ecover, whose products you might have noticed becoming more widely available of late, do not make an oven cleaner as such but recommend their cream cleaner for the job. This company is the longest-established maker of ecological cleaning products. They are manufactured from renewable plant extracts, and sustainable minerals at a factory in Belgium with grass growing on the roof (this is deliberate: it has been planted there). Clare Allman, the marketing manager of

freezers are also what is called “frost-free,” by virtue of a slightly different system: namely, a fan that blows cold air, which prevents ice from forming. This fan will only work properly if the air is allowed to circulate—in other words, if the freezer is not too full. But if yours is an ordinary freezer, the kind that does need defrosting, then it pays to keep tightly packed with food, since this food will displace the ice that would otherwise accumulate. The upshot, I’m afraid, is that you

been partly redressed, I win more often than I used to. 2 Doing a Wash WHY WASH THE CLOTHES? You should do the washing because you can, because it is so easy compared with how things were. A hundred years ago, laundry took up the entirety of Monday at the very least. It was considered decadent to leave it until late in the week, and also impractical. An old bit of Yorkshire philosophy runs: “Them as wash on Monday have the whole week to dry.” It was still labor intensive enough in

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