iPad All-in-One For Dummies

iPad All-in-One For Dummies

Language: English

Pages: 592

ISBN: 1118105354

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

The ins and outs of all things iPad and iPad 2--in full color! Packed with the power of a MacBook, iPod touch, eReader, digital camera, portable game console and so much more, the iPad is an awesome device. And, the business world has certainly taken notice. The iPad is moving into the enterprise where power users and professionals alike are using the device to increase their productivity and work smarter at the office and on the go. Long-time For Dummies author Nancy Muir walks you through the latest functions, features, and capabilities of the iPad and iPad 2 in six easy-to-understand minibooks covering setting up and synching your iPad; using the iWork applications; printing from your iPad; managing your contacts and calendar; accessing your e-mail and the web; making FaceTime video calls; using your iPad as a presentation tool; and finding the best apps for travel, news, weather, finances, and business productivity.* Six full-color minibooks include: iPad Basics, Just for Fun, iPad on the Go, Getting Productive with iWork, Using iPad to Get Organized, and Must-Have iPad Apps* Covers the newest iPad 2 features including FaceTime, Photo Booth, Smart Covers, HD video and cameras, video mirroring, and HDMI output* Shows you how to use iWork and other productivity apps to dress up your documents, create stellar spreadsheets, add pizzazz to your presentations, and maintain your schedule on the run* Walks you through connecting with WiFi and 3G; using Maps for directions and places to stay when you're away from the office; keeping in touch with e-mail and social networking; and using your iPad as a remote desktop while you're on the road* Includes information on having a little fun, too, with tips on loading your iPad or iPad 2 with music, movies, photos, e-books, games, apps, and more Filled with no-nonsense basics and slick and savvy tips, iPad All-in-One For Dummies, Second Edition is the best accessory you'll ever buy for your iPad or iPad 2!

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account you just signed in to on devices you want to share with. 4. Click Done. 5. On your iPad, tap Settings and then tap Music. 6. In the Home Sharing section, shown in Figure 1-7, enter your Apple ID and password for the same account you used in iTunes on your computer. 7. Tap the Home button and then tap Music. Music opens, displaying a Library button. 8. Tap More and then Shared, and then tap a shared library to display a catalog of what’s available in it. You can now play any content

or right, and a Delete button appears. Tap it to delete the item from Reading List. Utilizing Safari Reader Reading content on the web isn’t always user-friendly. The ads, sidebars, and various distractions can take away from your reading experience. Happily, the Safari Reader feature now gives you an e-reader type of experience right within your browser, removing other stories and links as well as those distracting advertisements. 1. Tap the Reader button (see Figure 6-13) on the right side

Page link to see all that artist’s selections. For a movie, tap the name of someone in the movie credits to see more of that person’s work, as shown for Kate Winslet in Figure 1-6. Figure 1-6: If you have an artist you favor, search for her. If you find a selection you like, tap the Tell a Friend link on its description page to share your discovery with a friend via e-mail. A message appears with a link to the selection. Enter an address in the To field and tap Send. Your friend is now

play it: 1. Tap the Videos app icon on the Home screen to open the application. 2. On a screen like the one shown in Figure 3-1, tap the Movies or TV Shows tab, depending on which one you want to watch. 3. Tap an item to open it. A description appears, as shown in Figure 3-2. Figure 3-1: Choose the type of content you want to view. Figure 3-2: You can get information about the media on this opening screen. 4. Tap the Play button. The movie or TV show opens and begins playing. The progress

including points and perks that you’ve earned along the way. You can also compare your gaming achievements to those of top-ranking players across the Internet — and check your friends’ scores by displaying the Friends page with the Points portion showing. (Refer to Figure 8-10.) If your friends aren’t available, you can play a game by tapping its title on the Games page and then tapping Play. You can then compare your scores with others around the world who have also played the game recently.

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