In Harm's Way (The Disavowed Book 2)

In Harm's Way (The Disavowed Book 2)

David Leadbeater

Language: English

Pages: 210


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Disavowed 2— In Harm’s Way continues the story of the former CIA operatives, the Razor’s Edge, as they champion the innocent in their battle against the corrupt. From the mean streets of Los Angeles to the glittering houses and hotels of Monte Carlo, they track a merciless serial killer and finally learn the devastating truth behind the events that led to their disavowing, coming face-to-face with the man behind it—a ruthless international criminal with endless resources and a plan to send a shockwave of terror around the world.

With Washington DC reeling from the revelations, and desperately scrambling to save face, Trent, Silk, Radford and Agent Collins take matters into their own hands and deliver a truly explosive, action-packed finale.

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climbed out, the dry heat striking them immediately. Down toward the basin, the foundations of LA shimmered. When the sound of Doug’s sedan faded, a heavy silence descended, broken only by the faraway hum of interstate traffic. “We should go home,” Trent said, “and evaluate what we learned. I don’t know about you, Dan, but I haven’t come anywhere near to terms with what I just heard.” “Head’s spinning. I wish Amanda were here.” “You two any closer?” “No. Half a country away. Literally,

and the four of them trooped up a steep set of stairs, eventually coming out into an airy, sun-filled room. “Not bad.” Collins looked around. “I could live with this.” Trent strode immediately to the far wall and its patchwork pattern of notes, photos and routine movement trees. “So what else does Davic do in Monaco?” The second CIA spook came up to them and shook hands. “Will Howe. And as for Blanka Davic, well he does little else. That’s the trouble. He sits in there and—” the man shrugged

Upped and left, he did, and took all the benefits with him. Not a goddamn care.” Silk breathed deep; in and out through nose and mouth. The regimen helped somewhat. “Did you change his name?” “Of course we did. The goddamn Seagers were all over the goddamn news for a while. All dying like that. We thought it best for the kid.” The kid. Silk’s head hurt. Brewster kept it together nicely. “And what name did you give him?” “Well ours a’course. Toft. Called him Jason Toft.” Silk shook his head

there. In reflection, he appeared to be a man in shock, someone who had witnessed a grave trauma. Deep inside, he knew it was true. The feeling made him think of all the things people lost and all the things that simply slipped away. Good times. Good nights. The people he spent them with moved on to other things, the group still remembering the best times of their lives but never quite able to relive them. Everything changed. Sometimes for the better, most times for worse. Silk snapped out of

dirt-stained, bland workers’ van. The CIA team leader was shaking his head. “You’re an asshole, Radford. Speeding around like that. And you, Trent.” He snorted. “Always have to be first in last out.” Trent breathed slowly. Radford gunned the engine, happy to see Hadleigh covering his ears as he radioed his men. Collins leaned forward. “I am not staying in this position, Trent. I ain’t the kind of girl who sits on a guy’s lap in a Ferrari, no matter what the situation. Are we clear?” Trent

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