Ivy and Bean Boxed Set, Volume 2 (Books 4-6)

Ivy and Bean Boxed Set, Volume 2 (Books 4-6)

Annie Barrows, Sophie Blackall

Language: English

Pages: 70

ISBN: 2:00068929

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

This bundle continues the adventures of the spunky second graders. It includes books 4, 5 and 6 in the Ivy and Bean series.

- Ivy and Bean Take Care of the Babysitter (Book 4)

- Ivy and Bean Bound to Be Bad (Book 5)

- Ivy and Bean Doomed to Dance (Book 6)

Season of the Sandstorms (Magic Tree House, Book 34)

Logan Pryce Makes a Mess (Tales from Maple Ridge, Book 1)

Molly Twinkletail Runs Away (Magic Animal Friends, Book 2)

Judy Moody Declares Independence (Judy Moody, Book 6)


















half-heartedly, “La-la-la.” “Tie them tighter,” ordered Crummy Matt. Dino squeezed the rope around Ivy’s and Bean’s waists and arms. Round and round he went, with the Sophies and Liana helping. Crummy Matt watched. “I know this great knot,” Dino said. “They’ll never get out.” He worked busily on the other side of Bean. “Done,” he said, standing up. To heck with wolves and birds, Bean thought. She was tired of being bad. At least before, she had only been bad by mistake. I’ll just be normal,

first position. Heels, toes. Great! Then she paid careful attention to second position. Arms out, legs out. Great! Then came third position. “Now,” said Madame Joy, “third position. For third position, we slide our right foot, like so, to the middle of our left foot. Then we lift one nice round arm up, up in the air, leaving our other nice round arm—” Ivy fell over with a thump. “Goodness!” exclaimed Madame Joy. “Let’s try that again.” Let’s not, thought Ivy. But they did. In fact, they did

fountain after the aquarium is closed at night, and then we buy food with it.” That was pretty smart. Bean was impressed. Also, it would be fun to walk in a fountain without grown-ups freaking out about it. “Cool,” she said. “Where will we sleep?” “We’ll find a good spot once we get there. Aquariums are good for sleeping because they’re dark.” “And quiet. Fish are very quiet.” Bean pictured herself drifting off to sleep with fish swirling around her. It would be nice. “It’ll be like sleeping

string, but it was definitely string. They both stared at it. “It was all I could find,” Ivy said. “I guess I could try it,” said Bean. But she knew she wouldn’t. It was string. If she made a ladder out of it, it would snap in two, and she would plunge to the ground and break both her legs. Dang. A perfectly good idea down the drain. “We could throw your mattress out the window and then try to land on it,” Ivy suggested. “We’d miss,” said Bean gloomily. They were quiet for a minute.

waiting her whole entire life to see the attic. “And besides,” she whispered to Ivy as they tiptoed down the hall, “if there’s nothing up there, how can it be dangerous?” “Exactly,” whispered Ivy. “Where are the stairs?” “There aren’t any stairs,” said Bean. She opened the hall closet. “We go this way.” She closed the door behind them and pointed at the ceiling. “See?” Ivy looked up, up the shelves of sheets and towels to a square wooden door set in the closet ceiling. “My mom says it’s not

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