Japanese Folk Plays: The Ink Smeared Lady and Other Kyogen

Japanese Folk Plays: The Ink Smeared Lady and Other Kyogen

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priceless treasure of the foreign land. DEVIL. You ought to be. JIMBEI. By the by, I hear there is another treasure known as a wonder mallet. Could you tell me what it is like? DEVIL (aside). He begins to question me on a serious matter, but while I am about it, I might as well tell him. Listen! This treasure mallet is the most valuable of the three, and whenever you shake it, anything you wish comes out. I wear it always next to my skin. JIMBEI. Naturally! JIMBEI. For a long while I have been

and try the depth of the river. KIKUICHI. Very well. Eh, there it goes. Plop! KOTO. Very deep there. KIKUICHI. It is exceedingly deep there. KoTo. Try another direction. KIKUICHI. Very well. Eh, there it goes. Click! KOTo. Shallow there. KIKUICHI. Indeed, it seems shallow there. KOTO. Then let us wade through. Come! KIKUICHI. But, master, will you wait just a moment? KOTO. KIKUICHI. K('>To. What is the matter? I will carry you on my back. Oh, no. That is not necessary. You follow me. But I

any use to you. I have been travelling on alms. Please let me go. 127 PRIEST. 128 Kr6GEN That cannot be. You certainly must have a little money. Give it to me. If you haven't, then you leave your clothes here. PRIEST. I am very sorry. For mercy's sake, you must not rob a poor travelling priest. Please let me go. HIGHWAYMAN. Certainly not! Strip off your robe. If you refuse to obey me, I will slash you to a thousand pieces with this sword. PRIEST. How dangerous! Take whate'(er I have, please.

litteraire . . . Paris, E. Leroux, 1901. xiii, 11-296 pp. illus., plates. "Bibliographie du theatre": pp. 289-294. Florenz, Karl Adolf, 1865GESCHICHTE DER JAPANISCHEN LITTERATUR. Leipzig, C. F. Amelang, 1909. 3 p. 1., iii-x, 642 pp. (Added title page: Die Litteraturen des Ostens in Einzeldarstellungen. 10. bd.) Gersdorff, Wolfgang,jreiherr von, 1876JAPANISCHE DRAMEN, FUR DIE DEUTSCHE BUHNE. J ena, Diedericks, 1926. 205 pp., incl. plates. Lombard, Frank Alanson, 1872AN OUTLINE HISTORY OF THE

above go to prove the extremely flexible quality of the kyogen. Seami undoubtedly contributed much toward its final form. Already in the sarugaku performance of 1464, out of twenty-three plays given, twenty have come down Seami ]uroku-bu shu, pp. 232-233. Yoshimitsu Ashikaga (1358-1408),, Shogun and patron of Kwanami and Seami. 30 Yoritomo Minamoto (1147-1199), founder of the Kamakura Shogunate. 31 Haiyu-ko [On Actors] Kobunko, v. 6, p. 414. 32 Engaku Shonin in the 14th century introduced the

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