Java For Everyone: Late Objects

Java For Everyone: Late Objects

Cay S. Horstmann

Language: English

Pages: 624

ISBN: 1118063317

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Java For Everyone, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive introduction to Java and computer programming, which focuses on the principles of programming, software engineering, and effective learning. It is designed for a one-semester, mixed-major, first course in programming.

Nobody supports your desire to teach students good programming skills like Cay Horstmann. Active in both the classroom and the software industry, Horstmann knows that meticulous coding-not shortcuts-is the base upon which great programmers are made. Using an innovative visual design that leads students step-by-step through intricacies of Java programming, Java For Everyone, 2nd Edition instills confidence in beginning programmers and confidence leads to success.

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applets. Java was designed to be safe and portable, benefiting both Internet users and students. consumer devices, such as intelligent television “set-top” boxes. The language was designed to be simple, secure, and usable for many dif­ferent processor types. No customer was ever found for this technology. Gosling recounts that in 1994 the team realized, “We could write a really cool browser. It was one of the few things in the client/server main­stream that needed some of the weird things we’d

then write a program that prints the tax rate for five states of your choice. Sales Tax Rates --------------Alaska: 0% Hawaii: 4% . . . • Business P1.20 To speak more than one language is a valuable skill in the labor market today. One of the basic skills is learning to greet people. Write a program that prints a two-column list with the greeting phrases shown in the following table; in the first column, print the phrase in English, in the second column, print the phrase in a language of your

String first =; System.out.print("Enter your significant other's first name: "); String second =; // Compute and display the inscription String initials = first.substring(0, 1) + "&" + second.substring(0, 1); System.out.println(initials); } } Program Run Enter your first name: Rodolfo Enter your significant other's first name: Sally R&S Table 9 String Operations Statement Result Comment string str = "Ja"; str = str + "va";

multiply subtract java.math.BigInteger add multiply subtract java.util.Scanner next nextDouble nextInt javax.swing.JOptionPane showInputDialog showMessageDialog R e v i e w E x e r c i s e s • R2.1 What is the value of mystery after this sequence of statements? int mystery = 1; mystery = 1 - 2 * mystery; mystery = mystery + 1; • R2.2 What is wrong with the following sequence of statements? int mystery = 1; mystery = mystery + 1; int mystery = 1 - 2 * mystery; •• R2.3 Write the following

String s = "Hello"; String t = "World"; a. s.length() + t.length() b. s.substring(1, 2) c. s.substring(s.length() / 2, s.length()) d. s + t e. t + s • R2.8 Find at least five compile-time errors in the following program. public class HasErrors { public static void main(); { System.out.print(Please enter two numbers:) x = in.readDouble; y = in.readDouble; System.out.printline("The sum is " + x + y); } } •• R2.9 Find three run-time errors in the following

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