Just Grace and the Super Sleepover (The Just Grace Series)

Just Grace and the Super Sleepover (The Just Grace Series)

Charise Mericle Harper

Language: English

Pages: 208

ISBN: 0544456009

Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Put on your pajamas and bring your sleeping bag—it’s time for Just Grace to go to a super sleepover! Birthdays and sleepovers are always super fun, but there’s just one thing that keeps Just Grace from getting super excited about this sleepover. 

Book eleven in the Just Grace series continues the illustrated adventures of the beloved third-grader Just Grace, who has been praised by the Horn Book for having a voice that is “consistently funny, frank, and believable.” The familiar school, friendship, and family situations in these books resonate with Grace’s audience and keep them “speed[ing] through this latest and look[ing] forward eagerly to the next.”

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before, it can totally ruin it for you. Stephanie finally came up with a great way to keep Marta quiet. She sat beside her and every time Marta opened her mouth to talk, she offered her another taffy candy. It was Marta’s favorite candy, and it worked perfectly to keep her mouth busy. It’s hard to eat sticky candy and talk at the same time. After the movie Grace F.’s dad came out and started a fire so we could make’s’mores. The fire was nice, but hardly anyone was hungry. We were all too full.

perfect. Maybe it was time to practice being brave. WHAT I WAS GLAD ABOUT That I didn’t have to do anything for the whole rest of the day except play with Mr. Scruffers and then rest. Sleepovers can be exhausting. BEING BRAVE The next morning when I got up I decided that as soon as I saw Mimi, I was going to tell her everything. I was going to tell her about the card and the lie, and then ask her a million times to forgive me. WHAT I TOLD MIMI WHEN I SAW HER ON THE WAY TO

campfire and make s’mores, but Grace F.’s dad is going to be there, so Mom said she wasn’t worried about the fire. I didn’t say anything, but Mom’s facts didn’t make me feel any better. Instead of them being gone, my worries were even bigger, and suddenly I had a new question. Is Grace F.’s big sister nice? THE SURPRISE AT THE DOOR Mimi knocking on my door is never a surprise. We are best friends, and she is always coming over, but today there was a surprise part, and it had to do

looked down to where he was pointing. It was the flyers from the library—they’d fallen out of my backpack and I didn’t need them anymore, so I picked them up and dropped them into the recycling container just outside the library door, and then Mimi and I raced down the hall. The bell was going to ring any second. THE GOOD THING ABOUT PLANS If they are not working, you can change them. Now that we were sitting in class I had a new plan: make the card at my desk while Miss Lois was busy

stayed quiet. I didn’t want anyone looking at me—sometimes people can tell you are lying just by looking at your face, and I 100 percent did not want that to happen. “Should I say something?” asked Grace L. I looked at her and shrugged. “Like what?” I asked. Grace L. thought for a minute and then she said, “Well, we could ask it if it’s a good ghost or a bad ghost.” Grace F. shook her head. “I don’t think we should talk to it. It scared Grace so it’s probably a bad ghost.” Everyone nodded. Now I

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