Karen's Kittycat Club (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #4)

Karen's Kittycat Club (Baby-Sitters Little Sister #4)

Ann M. Martin

Language: English

Pages: 115


Format: PDF / Kindle (mobi) / ePub

Karen forms her own club with her friend Hannie, and although the girls enjoy having their own social group, they soon find that hurt feelings and battling egos are all part of the dues.

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quickly. “And now, we have one more thing to do.” “We do?” said Hannie. I nodded. “Yes. We have to end the club.” “Can’t we just leave your room?” asked Amanda. “And go home?” Honestly. Amanda has no imagination. “I think we should give back our titles,” I said. “We should have a ceremony. Amanda, you should become the un-president, I should become the un-vice-president, and Hannie should become the un-secretary.” “But how?” asked Amanda. “Let’s think.” We thought. “I know!” cried

feel.” Sitting next to Moosie was my doll, Amelia Jane. I turned her upside down, too. Then my stuffed giraffe, my stuffed monkey, Tessie the talking doll, and a few more. I was about halfway finished when I stopped to see how my bed looked. It looked funny. I began to laugh. Half of my dolls and animals were upside down and pouting. The other half were rightside up and smiling. I couldn’t stop laughing. This was one of the silliest things I’d ever done. Having fun sure was a lot better than

“Come on, you guys,” I said. “The Kittycat Club is supposed to be fun. Why don’t you put the cats down. Then I’ll tell you my idea.” “Well … all right,” agreed Hannie. Boo-Boo was still under the bed, so Hannie put Pat on top of the bed. Amanda sat down and put Priscilla in her lap. The cats were quiet. “Okay,” I said. “See, Kristy has a baby-sitting service.” I told my friends about the Baby-sitters Club and how it works. “But what about the Kittycat Club?” asked Amanda. “Well, I thought

school, but not you, Amanda.” (Hannie and I go to one school, Amanda goes to a different school.) “So our meetings will be every other Saturday. How about from two o’clock until three o’clock?” “Okay,” said Amanda and Hannie. “What if someone needs to call for a cat-sitter, but not on one of those Saturdays?” asked Hannie. “Hmm,” I said slowly. “I guess we ought to say to call one of us at home.” “Which one of us?” said Amanda right away. Hannie looked thoughtful. “Maybe me. Most of the jobs

listening to Hannie and me. “The Kittycat Club,” I began, “is our cat-sitting business.” “Who’s in the club?” asked Nancy. “Hannie and me and Amanda Delaney.” Nancy looked hurt. “How could you start a club without me?” “I’m sorry,” I told her. “But you can’t be in this club.” “Why not?” she cried. “Because you don’t have a cat. You have to have a cat to be in the Kittycat Club. That’s the rule.” “Well, I think that is very unfair. You can’t have a club without your best friend.” Nancy

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